Study and Mental Health Support

Are you having trouble with studying? Do you have other non-study related issues you are currently struggling or have struggled with? Clio is aware of the relevance of mental health in the lives of young people. With the Study and Mental Health Support site we want to help you get an overview of the instances you can reach out to if you suffer from mental health issues. We refer to university and external bodies which offer study-related and non-study-related support. Furthermore, you will find information on the process of getting professional assistance, including the issue of insurance and appointments. 

  • Study advisors

First of all, the IRIO study advisors are the first instance within the university you can contact about your personal circumstances - no issue is too small or too big. This can range from many different kinds of problems such as study delay, unexpected events that have affected you, or situations where your mental health is affected. They can help you with planning out your study program if you are afraid that it might be affected by your situation and advise you on where to go and who to talk to about your problems.

How do you contact them? 

Normally, the study advisers have open hours, where you can just walk into their office in the 5th floor in Harmo. Since this is not possible right now, you can schedule an online appointment with them. You can reach them by sending an email to

To find more information about the study advisors, you can visit this link.

We all know you can get quite lost on the RUG website. If you just quickly want to find information about the IRIO programme, have a look into the new study guide, accessible through Nestor or via this link.

  • Student Service Centre

If you have any issues related to studying or being a student, the Student Service Centre (SSC) is one of the options you can contact. You can consult the SSC if you struggle with financial issues, study limitations, personal circumstances, study prospective and study related decisions. The SSC offers courses, trainings, information, and also confidential conversations with student psychologists.

Contact them via email, Facebook, or phone (050 363 8066). You can find more information here.

  • Wakker bij Bakker

The Clio Support Committee consists out of students, and not out of mental health professionals. To provide more professional support, we cooperate with Wakker bij Bakker Student Coaching. Wakker bij Bakker offers support and guidance in balancing daily student life with studying. They provide us with blogs written by professionals about topics related to the mental wellbeing of students. Wakker by Bakker furthermore offers a place to talk about your mental challenges with a professional, something many of us need sometimes! Their coaches can provide coaching in Dutch, English and German, either in-person in Groningen or online. As a member of Clio, you are entitled to a free intake session (worth €39,50).  More information can be found on If you have any questions or need some guidance, please feel free to reach out to us!

  • All Ears

All Ears is an organization that provides you with a listening ear. If you experienced any events that have affected you personally you can go to one of their open hours that take place every Wednesday between 2pm and 4pm in room 1314.021 to talk to someone. Attending such an hour comes without any obligations or follow up meetings if not desirable. It is also possible to make a private appointment with them. Find out more information on their website.

  • Humanitas

Humanitas is a non-profit organisation that works nationally to help and support people who (temporarily) cannot manage on their own. Broadly speaking they support in following situations:

  • Establishing social contact
  • Handling losses and mourning
  • Youth and growing up
  • Personal (financial) administration.

You can find more information on their website. For their English webpage please follow this link.

Humanitas also has a department located in Groningen specifically. You can find their Facebook page here and their website here. Unfortunately, their webpages are still only available in Dutch. Humanitas Groningen also has a study buddy project. This project couples you up with another student with whom you can study together if you have any issues with studying. Anyone can request a study buddy by sending an email to Make sure to refer to Carolien Soons. Link to their website here.

  • Begeleid Leren

Begeleid Leren is an initiative set up by the Hanze Hogeschool Groningen that offers help to anyone who has struggle with studying because of mental and personal issues. They both have an English as well as a Dutch page. You can find the Dutch webpage here. On this Dutch webpage you can find different Q&A's about studying with personal issues, information on who to contact, and information on how to handle such issues. Unfortunately, the English webpage is a bit less elaborate. You can find the webpage here. A lot of information and some personal cases are provided in the following document (English). This document goes over the following steps to take when encountering any limitations to studying as a result of mental issues:

  • Whether to tell
  • What to tell
  • Who to tell
  • When to tell
  • How to tell

  • Zorgwijzer

On the website of Zorgwijzer, you can find all information related to the financial consequences of mental health issues. In some cases, when you need to reach out for serious help, it is recommendable to check your health insurance. Zorgwijzer helps you with finding information about any additional insurances you can take up when needing extra help. This website is completely focused on the Dutch health insurance system, for this reason all information is in Dutch. If you think you might need to take a better look at your health insurance, you can contact the Dutch Support Group for Internationals to help you translate this website.

Find information about health insurance and psychological care here.

If you still need more information, do also check out this webpage by the University of Groningen.

The Support Committee is working on a Study and Mental Health Support Guide which will cover all the above-mentioned topics. It will be a document in pdf format, which can be easily downloaded and accessible whenever you need to find information. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to e-mail us and we will do our best to give you more elaborate advice. 

We hope that Clio Support serves as a helpful source of information. If you have any questions on the topics or seek more specific support, you can send us an email to

Disclaimer: The information published on these sites is externally gathered. More in-depth information can be found when following the links to the websites. It is important to note that any referral to external instances which offer professional assistance is of non-commercial nature. Clio opposes any type of financial and promotional sponsorship when it comes to the concern of mental health. The Support Committee merely reaches out to sites and initiatives which seem to offer suitable assistance in order to make their services available to those who seek mental health support. The Support Committee does not bear any legal responsibility, as it functions only in an advisory manner. 

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