The Introduction Committee organises three different events. The renowned Clio Introduction Camp, with this year’s theme being “the Cliolympics”, in the first weekend of September, in order for the upcoming freshmen to get to know each other and to be introduced to Clio and its various activities and committees. The new introduction committee will organise a trip to The Hague, where institutions such as the Clingendael Institute of International Relations or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be visited in order to gain insight into the practical application of our studies.

In February, we will organise a three-day excursion to either Brussels or Strasbourg for about forty freshmen and sophomores. During this trip we will arrange for the group to visit the European Parliament and various other organisations that work with or within the European Union. And, of course, we will go out and explore the capitals of Europe and their spectacular nightlives!

After this excursion, this intro committee will focus on their last activity: the introduction camp for the new freshmen in September 2019.

Positions in the Introduction Committee: Chair, Board Representative,Secretary/PR, Location & Logistics, Acquisition, Treasurer.

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