Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors advises the Clio board about difficult decisions and questions that have to be made. It also gives its opinion about the plans before they will be brought into the General Members Meeting. The Board of Advisors 2020-2021 is constituted as followed:

Former board member: Janna Beijers

Former board member:  Manon Heerts

Former board member: Lucia Mohr

Former board member: Sven Kist

External former board member: Lente Gerlagh (VIP)

External former board member: Liza Pekel (JFV)

Teacher: Dr Gregory Fuller (Bachelor Coordinator)

Teacher: Dr Nienke de Deugd

Alumnus: Lorenzo Foglietti

Student: Chinouk Middeldorp

Student: Moritz Marpe

​Student: Nina Valentini

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