1. How do I get a password for the ICT facilities of the university?
Every students gets a password for these facilities when they have signed up for IRIO.

2. Where can I go if I can’t log in to the ICT facilities, forgot my password or never got a password?
For all your questions regarding ICT you can go to the ICT desk on the first floor of the Harmony Building. Here you can also ask for a new password.

Signing Up & Schedules

3. How do I know which courses I have to take next semester?
You can look up IRIO and all courses per semester in the catalogue Ocasys.

4. Where can I sign up for seminars?
You first have to sign up for the course on Progresswww, and the sign up for the seminars is on Nestor.

5. Where can I find the schedule?

6. What can I do if the sign up phase for the seminars has already closed and I’m late?
If you’re late you can go to the Secretariat IRIO on the fifth floor of the Harmony Building. They can tell you what to do.

7. Where can I sign up for the exams?
You can sign up for the exams through Progresswww. You are automatically subscribed for the exam when you sign up for a course.

8. Where can I find the exam schedule?

9. What do I do if the sign up phase for the courses is closed and I didnt sign up?
If you’re late you can go to the IRIO Secretariat, which is on the fifth floor of the Harmony Building.

10. Where can I go if I have problems signing up for the lectures and exams?
You can go to the Secretariat IRIO on the fifth floor of the Harmony Building. They can answer all your questions regarding singing up for lectures and exams.

11. Where can I see my results?
Your results are posted on Progresswww under ‘Results’.


12. Where can I order the books I need?
You can order your books with Clio. If you do this you get a discount and your books are delivered before the courses start. Keep an eye on the website to find out when the booksale starts!

13. Where can I find the sheets the lecturer uses?
If they are made available by the lecturer you can find them on Nestor.

14. Are lectures and seminars mandatory?
Lectures are usually not and seminars usually are. If you want to be sure you can check the Nestor page of the course.

15. What are the openinghours of the University Library and the Library of Arts?
On www.rug.nl/library you can find all the information about the University Libraries.

16. Where can I find summaries and lecture notes for the exams?
You can find summaries and lecture notes on the Clio website. These are made available a few weeks before the exams and you have to log in to see them. If you want to share you study material with your fellow students and earn money with it, contact us at info@clio.nl! 

Study Association Clio

17. What is Study Association Clio?
Study Associations in the Netherlands are unique in offering a combination of study supportive and career related services and activities. Clio is the Study Association of International Relations & International Organization at the University of Groningen. Clio has around 1100 members and is one of the largest study associations in Groningen, and the largest study association at a Dutch Faculty of Arts. Clio organizes many events and offers several services to IRIO students. More than 90% of the IRIO students are a member of Clio. 

18. Where can I go if I have questions about Clio?
If you have a question about Clio you can send an email to info@clio.nl, call to 050-3635295 or stop by the Clio Office. 

19. Where is the Clio Attic located?
The Clio Attic is in the Turftorenbuilding of the Harmony Building. When you enter the building you keep to the left. There are long stairs, when you go up those stairs you can the Clio Attic behind the second door on the left.

20. How do I keep in touch with Clio without being a member?
You can become a "Friend of Clio". As a Friend, you will receive some small benefits, which will help you stay informed of Clio and IRIO news. In addition, you will sponsor the association by donating €25 per year. If you would like to become a "Friend of Clio", or have any questions, send an email to info@clio.nl.

Termination of the Membership

21. How do I terminate my Clio Membership?
You can terminate your membership via this form or by sending an email to info@clio.nl, stating that you want to cancel your membership. You can resign as a Clio member every year before the 31st of August, however, the membership fee for the current academic year will still be withdrawn from your bank account. Keep in mind your membership won't be cancelled automatically when you are done or quit studying IRIO. 

Membership fee will be withdrawn in April for the current academic year. 

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