Members Initiative Portal

Dear Students,

The goal of the association is to represent its members, Clio will always try to organize nice events for its members. However, not all events or activities can be organized by Clio. While, at the same time, many members are interested in having a certain activity or would like to organize something themselves. 

That is why Clio has set up the Member Initiative Portal (MIP). The goal of this portal is that members have a platform to start and share their initiatives with other members, whereby Clio can help them wherever possible with for example providing a room and promoting those initiatives by having a space on this page to share the initiatives.

How does this work?

If you have an event or activity you want to organize, and you would like to share it with people outside of your friend group where you, you can fill in the google form. Then, we will create a portal for your event.

This portal is also great if you want to organize a book club, a debate club or something else, in order to create a group with the same interests that meets up regularly.

After you have send in your proposal, e.g. you’re looking for a person or a group to go running with every week, it will appear on the website, with a little explanation of what the group will entail. After this is done, persons who are interested can sign-up for the idea and we will bring the members of the group into contact with each other.

Fill in this form to sign up your initiative.


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