Longboard Sessions

Longboard Sessions: For beginners and advanced riders!

I’ve always wanted to longboard... I got my hands on a board once and kinda started, but we all know the awkward feeling of being a full beginner and trying out stuff on your own, out in the open, for everybody to see but looking like you have no idea what you’re doing. It’s always more fun to try out new things with friends, and it gives a support group when you want to go from full beginner to a little bit more advanced rider. This project is open for other beginner riders who’d like to try out longboarding or people who can already ride and are want to have some riding buddies or would like to help out the newbies. What you need: a longboard (or skateboard). My plan is to meet up at least once a week somewhere where it’s easy to learn how to longboard, and the first sessions will be accompanied by somebody who can’t teach us the basics of longboarding and some sick as tricks. So if you want to join, send me a text and we can figure out the details.
There is no limit to people who are allowed to join, the sessions would take place at least once a week for starters.

Interested? Contact me via email: Agathe.rialland1@gmail.com

Hang loose 🤙🏻

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