Faculty of Arts Career Strategy

Are you struggling with deciding what to do after your studies? Are you wondering how to get your dream job? Career Strategy of the Faculty of Arts is there to help students and graduates of the Faculty of Arts to make the right choices to ensure a successful career. On the 9th of May 2017, the Faculty of Arts Career Strategy will organise the second Faculty of Arts Career Day, where you can attend several workshops to boost your career! Visit the website www.rug.nl/let/careerstrategy to find more information about the Faculty of Arts Career Day, other career events, professional advice, and workshops!

Together with Career Strategy, Clio has set up the alumni-mentor program. The alumni-mentor program is a program to match IRIO students with IRIO alumni. Via the program, you can contact IRIO alumni to ask them about their experiences and career paths.

The alumni-mentor program works via CareerConNEXT, which you can access via the Career Tab on your Student Portal, or via the following link: https://www.myinterfase.com/groningen/Student/. You can check out the available mentors via the option Mentor Search (in the top right corner) and see, based on certain keywords and industries, who appeals to you. By clicking the button ‘Contact mentor’ at the top of a profile of a chosen mentor, you can contact him/her. When you contact a mentor, please include a description of your needs and questions. The mentor can either accept or deny your request by email. If the mentor accepts your request, you can decide together how to stay in touch. All alumni with the abbreviation IRIO LET in front of their name are IRIO alumni.

If you have any questions on the alumni mentor program, you can always contact us via info@clio.nl. 

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