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Clio is here to make your student life unforgettable!

Clio is the Study Association of International Relations and International Organization at the University of Groningen.

Clio organises social, study and career-related activities for all its members. This includes parties, lectures and travels, which is a great addition to your studies. Clio's activities are often with high-profile figures, where you can both acquire useful information about ongoing IRIO-related topics from experts in the field and engage into meaningful discussions with them.

Furthermore, we regularly visit institutions in the Netherlands and around Europe to give you a chance to build up connections with the people working there and it gives you the opportunity to have new experiences.

Clio also provides for study-supportive activities that help you prepare for your exams next year, such as summaries and workshops.

Above all, Clio organises parties and social events to meet like-minded people who also study IRIO, which gives you the opportunity to make many new friends and have an amazing time in Groningen.

Being a member of Clio enhances your academic and your social life, it will lead you through your studies, offering a wide range of activities, and prepare you for your life after studies! 

Having around 1000 members, it is one the largest study associations in Groningen and the largest study association at a Dutch Faculty of Arts. Clio members get a massive 20% discount on their study books and you can go to the ClioWelcome activities to kick-off your student life and meet all your fellow IRIO students!  

Introduction Camp & ClioWelcome activities

During the first weekend of September the introduction committee organises the introduction camp! This is an amazing opportunity to meet your fellow students, you can find more information here

During the first weeks of the academic year of 2017-2018, Clio will organise various activities, including parties and lectures, so that all of you can get to know each other and kick off the year in a great way! 

The ClioWelcome Committee is currently working on the ClioWelcome period. Many activities will be available for all the first year students, offering you a great way to meet your fellow students while having a great time. For more information about the activities: click here

Don't forget to sign-up as a Clio member to be able to sign-up for the Intro camp and to join all the activities.

Become a member of Clio for only 17 euros and receive: 

  • Up to 20% discount on your study books 
  • a free Clio Card with which you can get discounts all around Groningen 
  • free copies of the Checks&Balances magazine 
  • access to summaries to help you study for your IRIO courses
  • access to the Internship Database and the Study Abroad Portal 
  • access to workshops and masterclasses on IRIO related topics
  • access to private events such as parties, lectures, travels, career days and more!
  • Be able to go to the introduction camp and participate in the ClioWelcome period!

Do not miss out on the opportunity to become a member of Clio: sign up here

Dr. Nienke de Deugd, Senior Lecturer IRIO

"As a member of the IRIO staff, I continue to appreciate Clio like I did when I was a student and Clio-member myself. Clio helps our Dutch and foreign students get to know each other - something that greatly contributes to the development of a truly integrated and international student body.

What is more, it offers a wide variety of activities: some of which are designed to be fun, such as the Introduction Camp and the various parties that are organized throughout the year, while others take a more serious approach, for example workshops on study skills or lectures about career prospects. In sum, as I have experienced first-hand, Clio is definitely an asset to the IRIO programme!"