Jam Making

Initiative takers: Gijs, Janna and Simone

Jam Session - FULL

Did you ever dream of making your very own jam? Using a very special recipe, we'll make a life-time supply of jam together! Strawberry-jam, forrest-fruit, plumb-jam - ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! Marmelemme know if you want to join! We're strawberry excited about this jam-session.

Price: 5 euros per person for supplies (and bring a big pan if you have one)

Where: In a big house, if somebody has one

When: After the exams, as often as we want (probably after the first batch is finished though)

There will be a Whatsapp group created when at least 4 persons have signed up.

You can sign up here.


Gijs Verhoeff, Jamma Beijers & Simone Dolderjam

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