Swapcouch makes your study abroad carefree with their unique and simple furniture lease concept. The advantage of this concept is that you don’t have to worry about transport, our movers will even bring the furniture to your room. Upon delivery, the furniture will be assembled and placed according to your wishes. When you leave Groningen we will come by to pick the furniture again.

Step 1: Choose your items

Step 2: Fill out your personal and order details and put "Clio Student" in the comments for the discount

Step 3: Receive a reply within 24 hours

Step 4: Confirm your order

Step 5: Your furniture will be delivered in your home on the agreed-upon date!

Have a look at our website for more information about our service. As a Clio student, you will receive a 50 % discount during the first month of your membership!

Email: info@swapcouch.com

Call/Whatsapp: +31640127990 or +31640415199


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