Reduce your rent with Frently

In the Netherlands, a landlord cannot charge more rent for a room than a certain maximum price. The maximum price depends on the size of your room and the facilities present in your house.

Located in Groningen, Frently provides legal advice and assistance in the field of rental law. If you suspect you are paying more for your room than you should, contact Frently for a free and no-strings-attached rent check! Frently will visit your house and give you advice about your situation. If indeed you are paying too much, Frently can actually lower your rent.

Curious to see if Frently can do something for you? Send an email to to schedule an appointment with Frently


How much does a rent check cost?

A rent check is free of charge

Will my landlord be informed about the rent check provided by Frently?

No, your landlord won’t be informed.

Can my landlord kick me out if I complain about my rental price?

No, your landlord can only terminate your rental contract if he has a valid legal reason.

Am I obliged to start a procedure if my rent is too high?

No, an appointment with Frently is without any obligations.


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