Vienna is the capital of Austria as well as its largest city. Moreover, Vienna is Austria's most populous city with about 1.9 million inhabitants,(2.6 million within the metropolitan area, nearly one-third of the country's population). It is the 7th largest city by population within city limits in the European Union. The average cost of living in Vienna is around 900/1000 euros per month, depending on different expenses (around 400 euros per accommodation, 250 euros per food and beverage, 30 euros per transportation, around 200/300 euros per study and personal requirements). 

Time to have fun in Vienna

Vienna offers several cultural and fun activities. There you can find cinemas, theatres, concert halls as well as opera houses. Moreover, there are many museums, castles, and churches. A good place to get information is the "Tourists info point". Discounts for students are usually available in theatres, museums or other cultural institutions if you bring your valid student ID card with you. The best way is to ask directly and find the information most suitable for your interests.

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