Radboud University: Master in IR

Analysing conflict and cooperation in a globalising world.

Tackling global issues in the 21st Century requires a deeper understanding of the essential players that shape global politics: governments, intergovernmental organisations, media, multinationals, and NGOs.

Our International Relations specialisation will provide you with an insight into these players and into fundamental questions of contemporary international relations: is the international community equipped to address violent conflict and (cyber) terrorism? Why do states intervene in some cases of human rights violations, but not in other? Will the competition for natural resources intensify domestic and international conflict? What are the political consequences of regional integration (in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia) and of the emergence of powers such as Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRICs)? What are the political ramifications of global trade and finance?

In our Master’s specialisation in International Relations you will learn to master different perspectives in order to understand the complexity of global issues and the dilemmas behind the political choices made by policy-makers. Our emphasis on both analytical skills and empirical knowledge will provide you with the tools to critically analyse contemporary global issues, thus preparing you for a career in international affairs and diplomacy.

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