Master in International Relations at RUG

Who are the leading theorists in international relations? What are the dominant issues in the history of international relations? How does the international market relate to a country’s government? What is the effect of the processes of globalization on the autonomy of the state? How does a just world order look like? Why is European integration so important?

The one-year Master’s program in International Relations and International Organization (IRIO) is interdisciplinary and envisages an integrated study of international relations addressing theory and practice. The program not only provides a solid academic training but also prepares students for interesting career perspectives through a career-oriented internship.

Career prospects
The MA program IRIO provides its students with a profound knowledge of international relations. The program is highly relevant for students who wish to pursue a career in international business, non-profit or governmental institutions (local, regional, national or international).

The program is highly selective. To be admitted to the Master’s program IRIO, students must have an internationally recognized Bachelor’s degree in International Organizations and International Relations or a comparable degree in one of the following fields: International Politics or International Relations. A thorough background in the discipline and theoretical discourse of International Relations is an absolute necessity.

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