Here you can find an interview that we conducted with Henrik about the minor American Studies!


Your answer

Which minor did you do?

American Studies

What made you choose this minor?

I have lived in the US before for a year during high school and really enjoyed learning more about the country. Therefore, I wanted to continue to expand my knowledge about the US and its history.

What were the subjects you had in your minor?

In my minor I had Rhetoric and Composition, The Americas IIIa and IIIb, The Americas Ib: The American Century and Beyond, and Theories of Culture IIb: Media Theory

What was your hardest experience during the minor course?

I think my hardest experience was the Theories of Culture course since it contained some concepts which I didn’t have before but regular students might have had.

What was the best experience during the minor course?

Just in general I really enjoyed to get to know new people and a new subject but also to have new teachers.

Did the course meet your expectations? Yes, why/ No, why not

Yes, it did meet my expectations to a large extend.

Which other minor did you consider?

Actually, I considered to do a minor abroad at first but couldn’t go unfortunately because I still had to take an IR course in the first semester.

Do you think that your minor will be useful for your future career?

Yes, why / No, why not

Yes definitely! I believe it has broadened my knowledge about the US again which is a country you perhaps will have to deal with quite frequently in the future.

What would you say to future IRIO students who consider this minor?

I can definitely recommend doing this minor and it’s also possible to do this next to another IRIO course which you might still have to do since the workload is not as high as in IR.

Ratings: Rate from 1 to 10

Was the minor doable? (1 very hard <-->10 very easy)


Was the workload less/the same/or more than the IRIO programme? (1 much less workload <--> 10 a lot more workload)

The workload was less than in the IRIO programme.

How much would you recommend doing this minor? (1 not at all <--> 10 100% yes)


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