Nadia Rinaldi went to Sofia University.

Let's see how she graded different aspects of his stay (0-10)! You can find more detailed information about her experience here.

Study                                                 Explanation

Location of the University (hard to reach / close by)

I was taking courses from the faculty of History and Philosophy. The history faculty was located in a good place in the centre. The Philosophy faculty was located 20 minutes by bus from the main university building.


Infrastructure/technology in the University

(no equipment / advanced application)

The university lacked some basic materials. For example  toilet paper was never available. The classrooms did not all have the equipment to present a PowerPoint presentation.


Language requirements (English suffices / Official Language)

The teachers which taught me had a good level of English.


The study programme

(easy / difficult/intense)

The study program was extremely easy.


The study programme

(not interesting / interesting)

Although the courses were not that demanding, the material taught in the class were very interesting. It was nice to have time to actually look into stuff because I had free time.


Relationship students-professors

(informal / formal)

The relationship with the teachers was rather informal. It was nice to have some personal contact with the teachers.


Students from Dutch universities (few / a lot)

I was the only student from the RUG. In the whole exchange program there were 4 Dutch students.



(few international students / many int. students)

In total the Erasmus students were around 400 people.


Finances                                            Explanation


(difficult to acquire / very easy to acquire)

The Erasmus grant was easy to acquire by filling in the right paper work.



(difficult to find & expensive / easy & affordable)

The accommodation was definitely not expensive for Dutch standards. However, basically all international students ended up paying overpriced rents for Bulgarian standards.


Food in supermarkets

(expensive / cheap)

The food in the supermarkets were definitely cheap. However, some supermarkets were more expensive than others. If you plan on going to Bulgaria avoid the supermarket ‘Billa”.


Eating out

(expensive / cheap)

Going for dinner was definitely very cheap. You could have a nice dinner together with a big drink for about 5 euros.


Public transport

(expensive / cheap)

The cost of a single ticket was 0,80 euro. 


Going out

( expensive / cheap)

Going out was cheap. A standard price for a beer would be around 1,50/2 euros for 0.5 liter beer.


Culture                                              Explanation

Points of interests

(not so many / lots of museums etc.)

There were some museums. I am not really able to give my opinion since I have only visited 1 of them.


Food offer

(only local food / great variety of restaurants)

In Sofia you were able to choose from many different kinds of food.



(none / several natural parks/recreational parks)

Sofia offers plenty of nice parks, the Vitosha mountain is also really near the city.



(limited / many options/extra courses)

Non applicable

I did not look into it.

Social Activities

(limited / many theatres/cinemas/pubs

There were plenty of activities. However, most of the event description were in Bulgarian so it was not that accessible.


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