General Information:

"Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most prestigious tertiary institutions with a proud tradition of academic excellence.

The quality of our teaching and research are the equal of any of the top universities in the world and our graduates deserve to receive the recognition and opportunities that flow from studying at a world-class university.
A distinctive identity is essential to building an international reputation and the cornerstone of identity is place—in our case, the city of Wellington in Aotearoa New Zealand. For this reason, and to reflect the enduring partnership between our University and the capital city, we are creating new branding that will emphasise and celebrate the word Wellington. It will also prominently feature our new Māori name of Te Herenga Waka, which has been approved by the University Council."

Find more information on the university's website or on their exchange portal. You should also check out the factsheet the university created.

Admission: Multi-Faculty-Exchange - Faculty of Arts

Language Requirements: Toefl score 580 / CBT 230 / IBT 92 / IELTS score 6,5 / Cambridge Advanced (CAE) (Not valid if achieved before 01/12/2018) / English Language test (University Language Centre) score: C2 or C1, only one score C1/B2 or B2 is allowed; score B1 is not allowed

Additonal Admission Requirements: none

Accomodation: University accommodation is guaranteed for all Exchange students who apply by the deadline (May 1st or October 1st). Changes to the New Zealand University environment, and a general shortage of accommodation in Wellington, have resulted in an acute shortage of student accommodation at Victoria. This means that students may not be placed in one of their initial choices for accommodation. It is particularly difficult to accommodate students coming in Victoria’s Trimester One (March start) for a one trimester only exchange. An additional levy on the university accommodation price is also incurred for these students (10%) to cover the increased administrative costs caused by the five-month contract and subsequent replacement for the room

Visa: You must have a valid exchange student visa to study in New Zealand—unless you are a New Zealand or Australian citizen, or a permanent resident. Your student visa must name Victoria University of Wellington as your place of study. More info can be found here!

Term: The firs trimester begins in July and goes till November. On the other hand, the second trimester begins February and ends in June.


A+90-100  95  Outstanding performance
A85-8987Excellent performance
A-80-8482Excellent performance in most respects
B+75-7977Very good performance
B70-7472Good performance
B-65-6967Good performance overall, but some weaknesses
C+60-6462Satisfactory to good performance
C55-5957Satisfactory performance
C-50-5452Adequate evidence of learning
D40-4945Poor performance overall, some evidence of learning. Fail.
E0-3920Well below the required standard. Fail.

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