Tentamentrainingen.nl is are offering masterclasses and exam trainings for lots of different courses. This can help you pass your exams! For Clio members, they have a special discount via this link.

The exam trainings will include:
- Teaching by the best teachers
Excellent exam bundles with a comprehensive summary and practice questions (can also be bought separately) 
- Awesome study tips
- The unique Clio warranty policy with TentamenTrainingen
          —> If you don’t pass the exam after the training you will get a free resit training. If you still don’t pass after the resit training you will get your money back

Clio offers several (online) masterclasses in cooperation with Tentamentrainingen, which will give you a short crash course on the subject.

Tentamen Trainingen also offers a 60 day (!) free Premium trial at StuDocu for all of our members via this link.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact else@tentamentrainingen.nl !


The students that performed best when doing the course are being scouted to fulfill the position of Exam Training Teacher. Furthermore, attention is paid to choosing teachers that have the best social and teaching skills.

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