Exam Training

Exam Training

Are you having struggles with a particular course? Do you need some extra help to get the necessary skills to pass your courses? Or did you fail the exam and need to pass the resit?

Take an exam training by signing up here! Clio members receive a 10% discount on Athena courses when filling in the discount code received via e-mail.

You can choose for a Basic Training that on average takes up  three hours spread on three days. Depending on the course a 12 hour training is also possible. The Basic Training is meant to study the course material in a steady pace and spread over several days.The Steam Course takes up around 4 to 8 hours spread over 1 or 2 days. This course is a short version of the Basic Course,  meant to fully prepare for the resit or the exam a few days before the exam takes place.

Trainings are offered for the following courses:


First year

International Politics

Introduction to International and European Law

History of International Relations

Introduction to Economics

Political Science

International Organisation

Second year: 

Theory of International Relations

Policy & Governance

European Law

International Monetary Relations

Third year:

International Trade Theory

International Law


The students that performed best when doing the course are being scouted to fulfill the position of Exam Training Teacher. Furthermore, attention is paid to choosing teachers that have the best social and teaching skills.

Training material

The course material that will be used during the trainings is made by our professional partner, 

AthenaStudies. This material is meticulously composed by the Athena team and consists of practice 

material that is on exam level. This way, we teach you to familiarize yourself with the material the 

way it is presented at the exam and thus you will be better prepared for the actual exam.


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