Get to know Clio’s language support

Only 6% of the world’s populations speaks three or more languages. Are you one of them? As a student of International Relations and Organisation, languages are one of the constituents of our programme, covering 30 ECT's. In an ever more ethnically and culturally diverse world, communication has become key. We would also like to think that speaking various languages and learning to portray our opinions and ideas with conviction, does not only advance us academically but enables us to develop as individuals.

As a culturally diverse program, IRIO stands for acceptance, integration and universality. Whilst our study allows us to develop knowledge and skills in a grand variety of subjects, none of them are truly of any use, unless we overcome any language barrier, which might be restricting us. The knowledge of a different language enables us to engage in cultural exchange, whilst offering us an opportunity to perceive the world through a different set of eyes. Cultural exchange promotes diversity of opinion consequently eliminating barriers to becoming true citizens of the world. Whether you would like to travel through Latin America, work for the United Nations or advance business relations in Asia – knowledge of the regionally spoken language explicitly places you in an advantageous position. Improving your language skills will benefit you personally and professionally whilst developing a unique and incomparable set of skills that is yours for a lifetime.

Being a study association, Clio wants to help you to develop these skills. Therefore, the Academic Committee organises four Language Cafés throughout the year.

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