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On this webpage you can find general informatio about the Université Saint-Louis in the vibrant city of Brussels.

“L’objectif premier est, en effet, dans chaque orientation, de former l’esprit à la recherche, à la réflexion et au sens critique.”

Did you always want to go to Brussels, the capital of Europe and home to the headquarters of NATO and European institutions such as the Parliament and the Commission? Then the Université Saint-Louis is the perfect university for your exchange, located in the heart of this multicultural city with more than 3600 students coming from all over the world.

Saint-Louis can be found opposite Botanique, a cultural centre located between Rue Royale and la Rue Neuve, not far from the Grand Place, and the De Brouckère and Bourse 'quartiers'. In other words, it is in the heart of Brussels’ historic centre where it enjoys all the benefits of a major cultural centre and where it can offer its students all the resources of a campus.

The Université Saint-Louis is characterized by its international focus and interdisciplinarity with, for instance, its bilingual and trilingual programs (French - Dutch - English) at undergraduate level and course content focusing on Europe.

For students from another EU member state: prospective students must be in possession of a valid identity card or passport.

For students from a non-EU country wishing to study at Saint-Louis as part of an exchange programme must, in the first instance, make an application in person for a short stay visa. This is a first step in obtaining a student visa (Type D Visa).

Language and additional requirements (such as the TOEFL test):

Since studying in Brussels means studying and living in a French-speaking environment, a lot of courses are offered in French at the Université Saint-Louis. However, the university also offers English courses.

The minimum level is B1 for French if courses attended in French and/or B1 for English if courses attended in English except in the Faculty of Law: B2 is demanded.

Language certificate(s) are needed for these courses:

  • TOEFL-IELTS-Cambridge for English and DELF or DALF for French
  • Language certificate issued by a language professor from the home University or OLS result.

Since French is an important language in Brussels, the university offers French as a foreign language course for exchange students to introduce students with little or no knowledge of French to the basics of language at the start of the academic year. Its main goal is to help students to learn French more effectively, by providing them with the tools they need to benefit optimally from studying and living in Brussels. The courses also provide students with an introduction to Belgian culture.


Finding a place to live in Brussels is easy. The university itself offers ‘kots’ (i.e. individual rooms with shared facilities) and studios. Moreover, in 2017-2018 Saint-Louis offers about fifty rooms in the new mixed student residence “Ommegang” located on the Saint-Louis campus. Of course, you can also find rooms, studios, flats or apartments on the private market, either through individual landlords or agencies. 

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