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On this webpage you can find general information about the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen.

“Innovative. Interdisciplinary. International. Since 1477. These have been the University of Tübingen’s guiding principles in research and teaching ever since it was founded.”

Studying at the University of Tübingen is a great chance to do your exchange abroad in a colourful and vibrant student city. The university is one of the most respected universities in Germany. Its institutional strategy was even selected for funding in the Excellence Initiative sponsored by the German federal and state governments, making Tübingen one of Germany’s eleven universities distinguished with that title of excellence.

The university has around 28.394 students with 7 faculties and 330 degree programmes. A big plus is that as an exchange student you can choose freely from the courses offered at the University of Tübingen, even across different subjects and faculties. Therefore, it is possible to choose courses from for instance IRIO and History at the same time. The university also offers a wide range of courses in English every semester.

Citizens of the following countries are allowed to enter Germany without a visa but need to apply for a student residence permit in Tübingen within 90 days after they enter Europe: Andorra, Australia, Brazil, El Salvador, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Canada, Monaco, New Zealand, San Marino, South Korea and the United States of America. All other nationalities need a student visa prior to their entry.

After you successfully enrolled as a student you get a semester ticket with which you can travel with local transport at a reduced price.

Language and additional requirements (such as the TOEFL test):

For studying at the University of Tübingen a B2 level in the language of instruction is needed (German or English, depending on the course). However, you do not have to hand in a proof of your language proficiency. For daily life, it is very helpful to have a basic knowledge of German. Therefore, the university offers German courses to get you prepared before the semester starts and even during the semester from A2. 


The private housing market in Tübingen is very competitive, expensive and difficult when looking at a room for a limited time. Therefore, the university recommends looking at student dormitories, which are administered by the Studierendenwerk Tübingen (Student Services Organization which is not affiliated with the University).

Contracts will be available for the duration of the whole semester only (September to February and March to July/August). Monthly rents are between 230 and 350 Euros. There is a deposit of 400 Euros due upon arrival.


  • World University Rankings 2018: 94th
  • Arts & Humanities 2018: 38th

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