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On this webpage you can find general information about the University of Erfurt, one of the possibilities to spend your semester abroad in Germany.

“Schon Martin Luther sagte: "Wer gut studieren will, der komme nach Erfurt". Dieses Zitat ist nach wie vor aktuell, denn in der thüringischen Landeshauptstadt studiert es sich gut, schnell und international.”

If you want to study in Germany during your exchange, the University of Erfurt is an excellent choice. The campus university is among the highest-ranked German universities for the arts and humanities with around 5,700 students.

The university stands out for its affordable living costs in a centrally located, historical and interesting city that is rapidly becoming a real university city. Moreover, the university does not charge tuition fees and has an award-winning support programme with international student advisors and a personal academic advisor.

After paying the semester contribution of around 220 euro per semester, you will receive your Student ID, which also functions as your semester ticket. This means that you can freely travel on the Erfurt transport system, within the city zones of Jena, Weimar, Gera, Apolda and Gotha, and on the local trains of the German Railway System within Thuringia and some private railway companies.

Furthermore, a visa is only needed for students not coming from EC countries, Switzerland, Canada, the USA, and Japan. If this is the case, students must apply for a visa at the German embassy or consulate in your home country.

Language and additional requirements (such as the TOEFL test):

A basic knowledge of German is highly needed when studying at the University of Erfurt, since outside the university campus very little English is spoken in shops and offices in Erfurt.

International students are therefore expected to have attended German language courses for at least one year; the university even recommends two years before arriving in Erfurt. The German Language Department of the RUG or your German instructor will need to evaluate your level of German if you do not have an official language certificate.

A small number of courses at the University of Erfurt are taught in English, and are indicated in the course catalogue. All courses not marked as taught in English will be taught in German. Examination essays and assessed projects may be written in English after consulting with the instructor. 

The German as a Foreign Language programme ("Deutsch als Fremdsprache) at the University of Erfurt offers classes in each skill area for international students who want to improve their language skills. Classes are offered at four different levels of proficiency (A2, B1, B2, C1) in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Beginners classes are unfortunately not offered. Moreover, a 3-week comprehensive language and orientation course (Vorbereitungskurs) prior to every semester is offered to help exchange students settle in Erfurt. The Language and Orientation Course is intended for students who already have basic German skills. The level of language falls somewhere within the range of the A2 level.


Housing in Erfurt is very affordable. The student residence halls are administrated by the University's Studierendenwerk Thüringen (Student Services Organisation) which offers numerous houses with different rent prices. You can apply online via the website of "Studierendenwerk", but keep in mind that the minimum lease for a room in the student halls of residence is 6 months, so you will have to pay six months' rent even if you are only staying five months.


The CHE University Ranking provides detailed information on how the University of Erfurt is ranked, which can be found under the following link: https://ranking.zeit.de/che/en/hochschule/165

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