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On this webpage you can find general information concerning the possibility of spending your semester abroad at the Comenius University in the capital city of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava.

“As the greatest, oldest and outstanding national university of the Slovak Republic, Comenius University especially values its intellectual and universal relationship with the Slovak nation, where it has its roots and at the same time provides the foundation from which it will continue to look to the widest international horizons, enriching both itself and Slovakia.”

When choosing to spend your semester abroad in the Slovak Republic, the Comenius University in Bratislava is the university offering you to go on this adventure.

Comenius university in the capital city Bratislava is the biggest and oldest university in the Slovak Republic. Next to being ranked as the best educational institutions in the Slovak Republic itself, it is also highly recognized on the international level. The university is well known for its research, and has a high number of doctoral students.

The university has many study programmes within its 13 faculties and has 27,000 students in total each year. Of these 27,000 students, almost 2,400 are international students from 70 countries. Each faculty offers several courses taught in foreign languages (mainly English).

All incoming Erasmus students must obtain a Temporary Residence Permit in Slovakia. As a citizen of EU member-state you must have a valid passport (or a valid ID card) and have to register at the Foreign Police Department in Bratislava or Martin. Non-EU students have to apply for Visa and Temporary Residence Permit at the Embassy or Consulate of the Slovak Republic prior to their arrival. After arrival, non-EU students have to register at the Foreign Police Department.

Language and additional requirements (such as the TOEFL test):

As an exchange student, you have to show a good proficiency in English (or any language in which courses are offered) both in spoken and written form. No further requirement is stated on the website. However, still the majority of the courses are taught in the Slovak language. Therefore, the university offers free Slovak language courses. The course has 3 levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced). Each level is composed of 40 hours of language lessons = 5 ECTS.


For the academic year 2017/2018 the accommodation for Erasmus students will be located in the block called "Šturák". The layout of the rooms at the dormitory called "Šturák" is divided in cells. Each cell has four rooms (2 x double and 2 x triple rooms), bathroom with shower and toilet. Two 2-bed and two 3-bed rooms form a unit that has its own bathroom.

The rent of the rooms available for Erasmus students differs:

  • Reconstructed Twin room: 73,50€/month/person
  • Reconstructed Triple room: 68,25€/month/person

  • Unreconstructed Twin room: 58,47€/month/person
  • Unreconstructed Triple room: 53,22€/month/person

  • Security deposit: 100€ (the Internet fee is included in the price)


  • BRICS & Emerging Economies 2017: 151st
  • World University Rankings 2018: 601–800th

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