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“The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid is a Public Institution which has become a landmark in the Spanish and International University context. Recognised for excelling in research and entrepeneurship, teaching excellence and social commitment. Its international presence is supported through numerous exchange and training programmes with universities throughout the World open to students, teachers and other staff members.”

Did you always want to go to the vibrant capital city of Spain Madrid? The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid offers the opportunity to study at one of Spain’s best universities in Madrid. The UAM is a modern university and is internationally famous, ranked as one of the 200 best universities in the world. The UAM is the leading Spanish university on researching and it has many own university research institutes, next to being a pioneer on cooperation and solidarity action, with NGO’s, etc. Moreover, the university can be seen as an enterprising university: it has the Centre for Entrepreneurial Initiatives CIADE-UAM for supporting the company creation, which already supported the creation of 170 companies since its foundation. 90 percent of UAM graduates who looked for a job found it, and in four and a half months on average.

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses, some of them highly prestigious. UAM aims for innovative research and teaching and transparent administration. Next to education, UAM also offers many cultural activities and sport facilities.

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid main headquarters is located at the Campus de Cantoblanco, just 15 kilometres North of Madrid and close to the municipalities of Alcobendas, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Tres Cantos and Colmenar Viejo. It includes the Rectorate (President's Office), the "Plaza Mayor" University services complex and the Faculties of Science, Arts, Law, Economy and Business Sciences, Psychology, Higher Polytechnic College, and the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education.

An EU-citizen does not need to obtain a visa or residency card. You will only need to obtain a registration certificate as an EU resident. This document is provided by the Regional Police for Borders and Immigration (Brigada Provincial de Extranjería y Fronteras), and to obtain it you have to make an appointment in advance online in order to go to the Office at Padre Piquer.

Students coming from non-European Union countries should process their visa at least two months before their program commences so they may join classes on time.

You can apply for and obtain a visa in the Spanish embassy or consulate in your home country.

There are two types of visa:

  • 90 days: (valid for processing the residency card before its expiration date);
  • 150 or 180 days: you are not permitted to apply for a residency card (NIE) and you can only reside in Spain until the visa expires. It is necessary to return to your home country before the expiration date.

If you are intending to study or work, you should never travel on a tourist visa. Such visas do not allow for study or work in Spain. They also do not allow you to apply for a residency card (NIE) or any change of visa type. It is important to note that a visa is issued for undertaking a specific activity in Spain (a course, a Master’s degree, a doctorate, fellowship or a specific job), and this activity cannot be modified. Otherwise, on arrival to Spain your visa would not be valid and you would have to return to your home country to begin the process from there all over again.

Language and additional requirements (such as the TOEFL test):

The level of Spanish required for incoming students is:

  • B1 for graduate studies
  • B2 for:
    o Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
    o Hispanic Studies Degree
    o Postgraduate Studies

With the exception of specific studies that request a specific level

UAM will not request documents providing the level of Spanish to the applicant student; however, the home university will ensure the candidate meets the language requirements.

Naturally, knowledge of Spanish is helpful during your stay in Madrid. Therefore, the UAM offers exchange students the possibility of studying Spanish for a semester course. To participate in these courses it is necessary to pass a level test before registering. It is very important to do this test, as otherwise you cannot access these courses.

The UAM does not assign official credits to the Spanish language courses. You can ask for a certificate of attendance to the course, including duration and qualifications, at the Language Service. It is up to your University of origin to recognise these courses as credits or not.

English taught courses are also offered by the University.


The UAM has a variety of housing options. First of all, housing is offered on campus. Colegio Mayor Universitario Santillana and Colegio Mayor Universitario Somosierra.

Both houses are for females only. Colegio Mayor Universitario Castilla is a house only for males.

Furthermore, UAM also collaborates with the company ALUNI for students who wish to find a house in the city centre of Madrid in an apartment with students of all nationalities. The price of the room, ranges from 250 to 450 euro, including internet fee and a weekly cleaning of communal areas.


  • Young University Rankings 2017: 66th
  • World University Rankings 2018: 351-400th
  • Ranking Universidades El Mundo: 3rd

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