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On this webpage you can find general information about the Hacetteppe University in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara.

“To the leading edge… Toward being the best…

As a research-oriented university committed to the promotion of excellence in education in line with universal values, our mission is to educate and nurture students as individuals equipped with quality and depth of provision in all fields of science, technology and arts; empowered by inspiring intellectual curiosity and critical minds, open for improvement and positive change; and to contribute to society through research, technology, and public services it pursues.”

Studying in Ankara could provide you with a cool experience abroad. The capital is basically the administrative centre of the country and it is student city in that it hosts four state and four private universities. Moreover, being one of the largest cities in the country, it provides ample cultural and recreational activities. As a student city, Ankara is big enough to feel cosmopolitan, but small enough not to be overwhelming. Being well designed and compact, the amenities are conveniently positioned and easily accessible.

The Hacetteppe University in Ankara is a state university supported mainly by state funds allocated by the Turkish Parliament. The university has a good reputation both nationally and internationally in both research and teaching. Beginning with its establishment, the university has been radically reformist in its teaching policies by introducing new programmes and methodologies and still is one of the higher education institutions that always seek to introduce daring innovative practices. Moreover, the university ranks as the Turkish university with the highest national and international research publications in indexed and referred national and international journals.

The university also prides itself in its relations with students. Although it ranks as one of the largest universities in Turkey, it is by no means impersonal. Every individual matters. The university offers over 150 different undergraduate and 173 postgraduate programmes. The university has about 26000 students enrolled in undergraduate and about 4000 students in postgraduate programmes, and there is an academic staff of 4019. Moreover, the university has more than 250 global partners including Erasmus partners.

The University has two main campuses: one is located in the old town section (Sıhhiye) of Ankara and hosts the Medical Centre and the other is the Beytepe Campus. Beytepe Campus, which was opened in 1975, is located 14 km away from the city centre stretching over 6.000.000 square meters of green land and woodland. The campus houses the Faculties of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Letters, and Science as well as the Schools of Foreign Languages, Sports Sciences and Technology, Law, Communication and Vocational Technology. The Beytepe Campus houses conference halls, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, a stadium, a central library, bank offices, a

post office, two big cafeterias and accommodation facilities. A Student Health Centre is also located in this campus.

All students who are not Turkish citizens or residents are considered international students and need a residence permit. In order to get a residence permit you have to apply to the Turkish Security Department Foreigners' Office. You have to apply for your residence permit within one month after your arrival date in Turkey to the Turkish Security Department Foreigners’ Office. Once you get to Hacettepe University you have to visit the European Union Office.

Language and additional requirements (such as the TOEFL test):

The language of instruction is Turkish, except for faculties/departments that offer education in English, French, or German. A list of departments offering education in languages other than Turkish can be found in "Languages of Education" link: http://www.iso.hacettepe.edu.tr/academicprginforeignlanguages.pdf. The language of instruction for International Relations is English. Common Turkish courses are offered to familiarize students with the language.


The student dormitories at Sıhhiye Campus (the Medical Center) provide certain facilities for students. The other accommodation facility of the university is the Beytepe Student Halls (where IR students will be placed). These halls house both men and women in separate blocks or corridors. The halls can house up to 840 students. The study bedrooms, shared by two, have en suite facilities. These halls are self-catering accommodations and accordingly each corridor has a communal kitchen. Each block has a shared tv room, common room, fully equipped laundrette/utility rooms. The fees are inclusive of electricity, heating and utilities. Upon Arriving to Beytepe Student Halls and Dormitories at Sıhhiye Campus each student is provided with a pillow, a set of bed linen, a blanket, and a bedspread.

Turkey is an inexpensive country for many incoming students. You will need approximately 500 Euros per month in order to cover basic expenses:

  • Housing 500 TL (250 Euros)
  • Food 300 TL (150 Euros)
  • Books and supplies 100 TL (50 Euros)
  • Transportation 100 TL (50 Euros)

à Total 1000 TL (500 Euros)


  • BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings 2017: 164th
  • World University Rankings 2018: 601-800th

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