Finland: Helsinki Yliopisto

Franka Han went to Helsinki Yliopisto University in Finland.

Let's see how she graded different aspects of her stay (0-10)! You can find more detailed information about her experience here.


Study                                                 Explanation

Location of the University (hard to reach ó close by)

Most sudents are on Kamppi campus, this is a 15 minute walk or two metro stops from the uni!


Infrastructure/technology in the University

(no equipment ó advanced application)

For 25,- a month you can use the trains, the trams, the metro’s, the boats to the islands (!!!) and there is also a rather good biking infrastructure.


Language requirements (English suffices óOfficial Language)

Everyone I spoke to had a very decent level of English


The study programme

(easy ó difficult/intense)

Mediocre. Not easy, but hard work gets rewarded!


The study programme

(not interesting ó interesting)

Very dependent on the courses you take

Relationship students-professors

(informal ó formal)

Very informal!


Students from Dutch universities (few ó a lot)




(few international students ó many int. students)

A lot! Even in the normal curriculum it is really common to have internationals


Finances                                             Explanation


(difficult to acquire ó very easy to acquire)

Erasmus was easy to get



(difficult to find & expensive ó easy & affordable)

You get some help from HOAS and UniHome but then you just have to accept what they give you. There is not a lot of room for wishes and requests. And it is quite expensive! For sure between 500 and 800 euros


Food in supermarkets

(expensive ó cheap)

Relatively expensive


Eating out

(expensive ó cheap)

Very expensive. Coffee and cake is hard to find for under 10,-s (together) and dinner is really expensive.


Public transport

(expensive ó cheap)

Relatively cheap and good! Mentioned before


Going out

( expensive ó cheap)

Expensive. If you find the right bars you will pay 6,- for half a liter, but there are also ones that will charge you 8 euros for a smaller size. It is really common to have to pay 3-5 euro’s to get into a bar


Culture                                              Explanation

Points of interests

(not so many ó lots of museums etc.)

I would say relatively similar to like Groningen or Utrecht. It is a relatively small city, but there are quite some cute spots.


Food offer

(only local food ó great variety of restaurants)

Not a lot of restaurants overall… but the variety is quite good. Also +1 because they have tacobell



(none ó several natural parks/recreational parks)

Gorgeous. Lots of parks! If you take a train to neighbouring Espoo you should visit Nuuksio National park. It is incredible.



(limited ó many options/extra courses)

A lot of options, I’m just not a sports person.


Social Activities

(limited ó many theatres/cinemas/pubs

Quite a lot! Skating, chocolate fatory, cinema’s, theatres, concerts, pubs, lots of karaoke. I even took a Finnish dancing class – which was awkward to say the least, but very funny.


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