2016: Ukraine

Get inspired by one of the most diverse countries in Europe: Ukraine!

Ukraine, the largest European country, is located in Eastern Europe and surrounded by Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. Its rich history, political instability and diverse population, make Ukraine a very interesting destination, especially for International Relations students.

Kiev (Kyiv) – one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe​

Kiev, the young and prosperous capital of Ukraine invites you to discover its many ‘must see’ sites: The National Opera, the St. Sophia´s Cathedral and the Maydan Square – all by short-walking distance. In case you are still hungry for an adventure, come and join us for a full-day trip to Chernobyl and see the safe Chernobyl zone with its ghost cities.


Odessa – a portrait of a city

Odessa, what to say about this amazing city? – so much more than you might have expected. Odessa, AKA The Pearl of Ukraine, nestled in its Black Sea harbour is one the most diverse cities. It is a mixture of vintage Soviet murals, beautiful Art buildings, fancy shops and nightlife. Yes, you heard right, Odessa is not only famous for its glorious history but especially for its unforgettable nightlife. Hanging out at the beach, strolling the wide, cobbled streets of the city centre, visit the beautiful Opera & Ballet Theatre with its marvellous acoustics or do you even dare to take a dip into the Black sea?  Odessa offers you all.


Political situation – get to know both sides of the story

Although Ukraine became independent when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, it still remained largely dependent on Moscow. The Orange Revolution in 2004 promised new beginnings. But the post-revolutionary government ultimately succumbed to infighting and scandals, paving the way for Viktor Yanukovych, who won the presidency in 2010. Yanukovych’s corruption and his failure to deliver on a promise to bring Ukraine closer to the European Union brought demonstrators to the streets again in late 2013. Those pro-Western protests became the Maidan revolution, which ended with Yanukovych fleeing to Russia in February 2014. Russia responded by swiftly annexing Crimea and stoking a separatist war in Ukraine’s east. This internal division between two opposing blocs has pushed the Ukraine to the brink of an economic collapse. The Russian-speaking East and South which tends to favour closer ties with Russia and the Ukrainian-speaking bloc in the West tend towards the integration with the European Union. Speaking to Ukrainian students and representatives will allow you to get a better understanding of the Ukrainian zeitgeist at this complicated time.

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Come and dive with us into this political melting pot and travel to places you might have missed out on your list. 
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Trip dates: 8 April – 14 April 2016

The costs will be €330. The Chernobyl tour is optional and therefore not included in the price – an additional €45 will be requested from the participants. 


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