Chernobyl and the alternative trip

As we have told you earlier, Chernobyl will be an optional tour. This is because it is quite costly (+45 €) and because some people might feel uncomfortable going to a site that still has high levels of radiation. However, we also want to assure you that there is no need to worry (as long as you don’t eat anything that grew there) as the harmful part of the radiation is at levels that do not pose a risk. Now we would like to inform you both about what exactly we will do in Chernobyl and also about our alternative tour that will take you to the residence of former Ukrainian president and offer you some more insights into Kiev!


We will leave early in the morning to Chernobyl – our first stop will be Dytyakty checkpoint, right at the border of the 30 km Exclusion zone. After entering it, we’ll pass by a small abandoned village named Cherevach and the largest town in the Chernobyl area Zalissya. 
Once we arrive in Chernobyl, we will quickly be briefed about the RAW disposal and the Exclusion zone division and regulation, before we get to enjoy a Sightseeing tour in Chernobyl. On our way to the PowerPlant we will visit the almost fully buried Kopachi village and enter the kindergarten building. Entering the third stage of ChNPP we will see the uncompleted reactors No.5 and No. 6 as well as the unfinished cooling towers, furthermore we will visit Reactor No.4 (however from a 270m distance) and the construction site of a new sarcophagus. Our next stop will allow us to see the Red Forest and the Pripyat village – which we will then explore. Then we will drive through the tiny part of the Western radioactive trace, passing the Leliv checkpoint again – and now there is only one thing from keeping us to enjoy our lunch: obligatory radiation control. 
After our lunch at the Chernobyl canteen (don’t worry all the ingredients are being brought from the outside to Chernobyl and are ecologically ‘clean’ – there is even a vegetarian option) we will visit the Paryshiv village where we will meet some self-settlers. Self-settlers are people that decided to return to their homes after the evacuation. Dytiakti checkpoint is our last point on this route – here we will fulfill our last compulsory radiation control before going back to Kiyv.

Mezhyhirya Palace

Mezhyhirya Palace used to be the residence of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. After the 2014 Ukraine revolution, the residence has been turned into an attraction in which people can gain an impression of the president’s luxurious lifestyle. Nowadays, the estate is seen by many Ukrainians as a symbol of the corruption and injustice that spread over the country under Yanukovych’ rule. 
Yanukovych lived in the palace since 2002. After the 2014 revolution, the Ukrainian parliament passed a resolution that nationalized Mezhyhirya. Besides Yanukovych’ humble shed itself, the complex houses a yacht pier, equestrian club, shooting range, tennis court, hunting grounds, a golf course, ostrich farm, dog kennel, numerous fountains, man-made lakes, a helicopter pad, a small church and an automobile museum displaying some of Yanukovych' former exotic cars. The park is located in a beautifully forested area just outside of Kiev. 
So if you ever wondered what it is like to live like one of the most controversial figures in the history of Ukrainian politics, then this is your chance!

As we ourselves wouldn’t know what to choose, make up your mind before you sign-up! You will not have to know the moment you sign-up, but you will be asked afterwards. So give it a thought and keep in mind the date – January 7th, 08:00 in the morning, via the Clio website


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