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Are you having trouble with studying? Do you have other non-study related issues you are currently struggling or have struggled with? Clio is aware of the relevance of mental health in the lives of young people. With the Study and Mental Health Support site we want to help you get an overview of the instances you can reach out to if you suffer from mental health issues. We refer to university and external bodies which offer study-related and non-study-related support. Furthermore, you will find information on the process of getting professional assistance, including the issue of insurance and appointments. 

The Support Committee has been working on a Study and Mental Health Support Guide which will cover all the above-mentioned topics. This document is in pdf format, which can be easily downloaded and accessible whenever you need to find information. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to e-mail us and we will do our best to give you more elaborate advice. 

We hope that Clio Support serves as a helpful source of information. If you have any questions on the topics or seek more specific support, you can send us an email to

Clio Mental Health Guide

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Disclaimer: Clio Support’s services are done on a peer-to-peer basis. When it comes to mental health Clio Support does not, nor aims to, substitute professional (psychological) help.

If you are in imminante danger of hurting yourself call 112 or the suicide pervention hotline at (0800 - 0) 113.

The information published on these sites is externally gathered. More in-depth information can be found when following the links to the websites. It is important to note that any referral to external instances which offer professional assistance is of non-commercial nature. Clio opposes any type of financial and promotional sponsorship when it comes to the concern of mental health. The Support Committee merely reaches out to sites and initiatives which seem to offer suitable assistance in order to make their services available to those who seek mental health support.

The Support Committee does not bear any legal responsibility, as it functions only in an advisory manner.

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