The Support Committee is there to inform and advise IR students about bureaucratic challenges they may face and about topics of mental health.

Our objectives? We aim to offer peer-to-peer support on issues like housing and insurance making your move and life in our lovely city as easy as possible. Moreover, as mental health is very important amongst young people both in study-related and non-study related terms, we raise awareness and refer to professional assistance on the subject. The Support committee is also in charge of organising three events, one related to mental health. The other two are open and free for the committee to decide and organise.

As you can see, there is plenty of room and freedom to shape our work. And if you enjoy decoding administrative stuff and you care about mental health in our generation, this will be the right committee for you.

Support Committee positions: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, PR, Content Editor, and Board Representative.

If you seek support or have any questions on the above-mentioned topics, you can send us an email to You can find more information about our work on the Clio Support Tab of the Clio website.

Important note: The Support Committee does not bear any legal responsibility as it functions only in an advisory manner.

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