Terms and Conditions Study Association Clio


Your membership will be automatically renewed at the start of the new academic year. The period of renewal will be one entire academic year.

You authorise Study Association Clio to collect the Clio Membership fee from your bank account. You authorise Clio to do this each renewed year.

You agree to sign the Recurring SEPA Direct Debit Mandate. If you do not do this within three months after signing up, your membership will be put on hold.

The member must adhere to the conditions written down in the Statutes and Regulations of the Association.

Membership Cancellation

If you want to cancel your membership, you have to send an email to info@clio.nl including a formal statement of cancellation of your membership or sign out via the respective button on the Clio website. This has to be done before the 31st of August before the new academic year. Please note that your membership will not be cancelled automatically when you are done or quit studying IRIO.

Personal Data

You have read and agree to Clio's Privacy Policy.

You are responsible to inform Clio about changes of your personal details.

You agree to the fact that Study Association Clio publishes pictures of Clio events to the website in which you might be depicted, and you have the right to ask these pictures to be removed.These pictures are only accessible for the Clio members. Pictures may also be used for other promotional purposes on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and the Freshmen Guide.

You are aware of the fact that Clio manages your personal data via its membership database Congressus and stores all personal information you have provided in the Clio membership sign-up form and will provide (e.g. Sign-up form for an event) in the future. With the subscription for and participation in Clio excursions and events that include visits to external institutions and venues, you agree to your personal data possibly being shared with these external institutions and venues.

You agree that Clio holds your name in a database of deleted members after you have requested to be signed out as a member. This is done to ensure a smooth handover between different Boards and reduces the possibility of mistakes with the termination of memberships. This database is maintained for up to seven years after you have been deleted as a member.

You agree that Study Association Clio can inform you about activities of Clio or of third parties per e-mail by means of the newsletter or other direct emails. If this is undesirable for the member, this can be indicated to the Board of the Association or by a sign-out button at the bottom of the emails.

You agree that your name, email address, phone number, address, and picture will be visible at a closed section on www.clio.nl only accessible by members. This can be adjusted in the settings of your account. You agree that the Board of the Study Association Clio can keep personal record of whenever you join a committee. This record can be viewed by members of Study Association Clio under the respective tab on the website.


You are aware that Study Association Clio is in no way liable for the loss, theft, and/or damage of property of participants in activities or users of the services provided by Clio.

Participants enter the activities organised by Clio at own risk. Therefore, Study Association Clio is not responsible for any liability or damage caused at such events. However, when the damage is the result of intent or gross negligence by Study Association Clio or its Board, adequate measures will be undertaken by The Association.

Behaviour and Attitude

Clio respects and adheres to the laws laid down in the Netherlands and as a member you are expected to do the same. When this is not done,the member may be removed and refused from future activities by the Board of the Association. Moreover, expulsion from the Association can be considered.

You respect that Study Association Clio has a zero-tolerance policy regarding the use and possession of drugs. It is prohibited for all members to use or possess any (party) drugs at all Clio activities, whether in cooperation with other associations or not. As a result, the member may be removed and refused from future activities by the Board of the Association. Moreover, expulsion from the Association can be considered.

You respect that at Clio activities, it is prohibited to carry weapons or use violence. When deemed necessary by the Board of the Association, the police will be informed. As a result, the member may be removed and refused from future activities. Moreover, expulsion from the Association can be considered.

You are aware that the Board of the Association under no circumstances is allowed to use physical or verbal violence against its members. Moreover, the Board may never disrespect its members on a hierarchical basis.

You respect that Study Association Clio does not condone behaviour such as discrimination, sexism, or any form of verbal abuse.


The Board is allowed to change the terms and conditions at any time, as long as the members are notified by email and offered to be signed out when they are not in agreement with the changes.

These general terms and conditions must be seen as an extension to the Statutes and the Rules of the Association of Study Association Clio, which must in all cases be regarded as leading.

Terms and Conditions

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