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This privacy policy is applicable to all personal data that is processed by the Club van de Studie Internationale Betrekkingen en Internationale Organisatie (hereafter ‘Study Association Clio’) from its members, donors, participants and other interested persons.


In the case of becoming a member of Study Association Clio, in the case of attending one of its activities, or in any different case in which a person provides personal data to Study Association Clio, explicit consent is granted for the processing of personal data in line with this privacy policy.


1. Responsible Party

The responsible party for the processing of personal data is Study Association Clio, Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 26 9712 EK Groningen, reachable via 050 363 52 95, registered at the chamber of commerce under the number 40025909.

The Secretary, responsible for all membership administration, can be reached via or can be called via 050 363 52 95.


2. Which data does Study Association Clio process and for what purpose

2.1       Regarding the membership of Study Association Clio, the following personal data is processed:

            a) Name(s) and last name, date of birth, place of birth, sex, student number

            b) Address details/postal address

            c) Phone number(s), e-mail address(es), banking details

d) Remaining personal data that could possibly be required for the organisation’s proceedings such as social media accounts

2.2       Study Association Clio processes the in sub 2.1 mentioned personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the membership agreement:

a)        Name, address details, phone number(s), e-mail address(es) are used for contact regarding membership and the possible cancellation thereof, registration and deregistration, for the purpose of certification by third parties such as your student number for the four-yearly reassessment by the CUOS, for the provision of requested information by you or the settling of information provided by you.

b)        Name, address details, phone number(s), e-mail address(es) and when provided a profile picture, are used for the membership database (only accessible to all Clio members with a web account on in order to provide for a database and network for the community of IRIO students at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, fitting for a Study Association like Clio. This information can at any moment be toggled invisible manually via the Clio Website.

c)        Name, address details, phone number(s), e-mail address(es) are used for the sending of invitations and information regarding services and activities provided by Study Association Clio

d)        Name and banking details are used for the processing of payments regarding membership fee, participation fees, reimbursements, orders and settling of services used/provided.

e)        Name and email address of all members is provided in the annual printed Yearbook. Objecting prior to the publication of this data can be done by sending an email to

f)         In order to make sure personal data remains accurate, once per year an email will be send out with the request to update your personal data via the Clio website.

2.3       Personal data will be kept for a maximum of 2 years after the cancellation of membership to inform and gather input on the developments of Study Association Clio.

E-mail correspondence (opt-out):

Study Association Clio uses your name and e-mail address to send you its newsletter, invitations and direct emails regarding the Association’s activities, services and other interesting information regarding the membership of Study Association Clio. By being a Member, you also allow Clio to send you direct mailings concerning sponsoring by some of Clio’s relevant partners and for the inclusion of sponsoring in mailings regarding the Association’s proceedings and activities. Signing out for all mailings is at all times possible via the sign-out link at the bottom of the mailing.

3. Terms of preserving information

Study Association Clio processes your personal date in line with this protocol during the duration of your membership up until a maximum of two years after the end of membership. After this term, all personal data will be deleted. The only information that will be kept longer are those documents that are necessary to be archived, such as the General Members Meeting Minutes and the financial administration, of which the latter will be kept for 7 years.

4. Data protection and data processors

4.1       To ensure the protection of personal data, Study Association Clio has installed fitting technical and organisational measures.

4.2       For the processing of personal data, Study Association Clio uses the services of third parties, such as Congressus and Exact online. With all of the Association’s processors we maintain processor agreements.

5. The right to inspection, right to deletion, complaints and questions

5.1       Via the membership administration of Study Association Clio a request can be filled to inspect your personal data kept by Study Association Clio, to receive your personal data, to change your personal data, or to delete your personal data. This can either be done by contacting the Secretary via or regarding the changing of some personal data via the Clio website – in order to successfully process your request, Study Association Clio is obliged to ask for valid means of identification before complying with the request. The aforementioned requests will be taken into consideration, and you will receive an email of notice within one month after the initial filing of the request.

5.2       If a member wants to object to (a particular) processing of personal data as stated under article 2, one can also send an email to the Secretary via Some personal data, however, might be detrimental and inherent to membership. Some objections to data processing might therefore lead to an incompatibility with this membership and can therefore result in the inability to remain a member.

5.3       If a member wants to file a complaint about the way in which Study Association Clio processes personal data or handles requests regarding this data, an email can be sent to the Secretary via

5.4       Any further questions or remarks regarding this privacy policy can also be forwarded to the Secretary via

6. Activities and Photos

6.1       By visiting Clio activities, one accepts to potentially be photographed for the photo page on the Clio website that is only accessible to registered members. These photos also could be used on social media, in the newsletter, in the Yearbook, in the Freshman Guide and on other pages of the Clio website. In case you have a picture that you would rather not want posted or want to have deleted, you can send an email to in order for it to be removed.

6.2       When signing up/attending a Clio activity, you allow Clio to use your already provided personal data to make sure participation of the event can be realized.

6.3       In the case participation requires data to be shared with a third party, such as the European Parliament or a different institution, the terms and conditions of this event have to state what information will be used and for what purpose before the participants accept these terms and conditions.

7. Changes

This privacy policy can be changed. Any changes to it will be announced via


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