Board 2023-2024

Lune Gros (2020) Chair
Jana Nováková (2020) Secretary
Lars Roos (2021) Treasurer
Judith de Bruijn (2021) Commissioner of PR & Publications
Wyona Louise van de Poel (2021) Commissioner of Corporate Relations
Chair: Lune Marit Gros

Hi everyone!

My name is Lune and this year I will be the Chair of the Board of Study Association Clio. As Chair, I represent the Association towards members, the university and teachers as well as other study associations. This means that I have a lot of meetings with different people, making my schedule hectic but super diverse! Additionally, I write the general policy of the Association which details what the Board wants to achieve during the upcoming year. We want to enhance the building of connections within the Association, among its members, with the Board, as well as outside of the Association. Besides that, we want to continue emphasizing student wellbeing and invest in the quality of our events and services over its quantity. And last but definitely not least, I will be a part of the Career, Forum, and Master  Committee.

I will be very busy with Clio this year, but in my free time I like to hang out with my friends and go for drinks and live music in the city. But I also love to chill and watch awful reality tv with my roommates, and dancing is my absolute favourite activity. For this year, I am super excited to be so involved with Clio and to meet so many new people!

If you would like to contact me, you can send an email to

Hey there! 

My official name is Jana, but soon you will notice that I will not turn my head to that as everyone calls me Jane since my high school. This year, I am taking on the position of the Secretary of the 36th Board of Clio and I am gratefull for the opportunity and beyond excited for all the events and encounters with all of you.

From time to time I might bring coffee to my fellow Board members, however, that is because of my kindness, and not the position. I am responsible for most of the communication between the Association and the 'outside world' - you, the members, committees, other associations... If you ever send an email to, it will be me answering, and I love doing that, so please do not hesitate to ask any sorts of questions via that way. I am not only the face behind most of the emails, but also behind all the weekly newsletters, and I really hope you like them! Next to this, I am joining the Academic, ClioWelcome, and Excursion Committee. 

Clio consumes a lot of my time right now (and I am really enjoying that), but if I get some free time slot, I like to inline-skate, go for roadtrips, listen to true crime podcasts or watch ice-hockey - feel free to shoot me a message if you want to join in on any of those activities! 

I am reachable by email at!

Secretary: Jana Nováková
Treasurer: Lars Patrick Roos

Hello hello lovely people!

My name is Lars but some people call me money man. As you would think, I am the Treasurer of the Association, which means that I am the person in charge of all Clio’s finances. Throughout the week, I am drafting the budgets, managing the day-to-day bookkeeping and helping the Treasurers of every committee. And last but absolutely not least, I will be the Board Representative of the Event -, Support -, and Travel Committee. Introduction to Economics and Statistics were (surprisingly ;)) my favourite courses during my first year. I thus like working with numbers and I am excited to do so during the upcoming year. 

When I am not in the Attic (yes, that happens at times), you can find me at the Aclo, playing a game of squash with mostly my roommate. I hope to start with running again for the annual Batavieren, but my laziness has won the last couple of months ahah. I like learning languages and, like most students, I enjoy exploring the nightlife of Groningen with some friends or with my dispute Bismarck, which I see every third Thursday of the month. I would also never say no to drinking some cocktails (or Jägerbombs) in the Poelestraat. For now, I am looking forward to meet everyone and I hope to see you around!

You can reach out to me via email on this address:!

Hi everyone,

I’m Judith and have the position of Commissioner of PR & Publications of the 36th Board of Clio, meaning I am the creative one. I will be working on Clio promotion material and strategies for all events and services that we offer (which is a lot). This means I will spend the year managing all of Clio's social media platforms and updating and organizing Clio's website. So know that if you slide into Clio’s DMs, you will be dealing with me ;) Besides that, I will happily assist all PR functionaries from the 15 committees in fulfilling their creative tasks and struggles. I am also the Board Representative for Clio’s Magazine — Checks & Balances Committee, the Photo & Multimedia Committee and the Yearbook Committee.

In my personal life, I enjoy the busy-ness of student life with an active house and dispute, and therefore often up for a nice drink and a good time. Other passions of mine are traveling and (very typical for my position) painting/all things creative.

I look forward to meeting all of you this Clio year, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me on any of the Clio platforms or via email. I’m really excited to focus on all things Clio this year, and have an amazing time with all of its (active) members!

If you would like to get in touch, you can email me at

Commissioner of PR & Publications: Judith de Bruijn
Commissioner of Corporate Relations: Wyona Louise van de Poel


My name is Wyona van de Poel and I am the 36th Commissioner of Corporate Relations. It is my responsibility to keep in touch with Clio’s corporate partners and make sure the association gets services and funds from these partners, as well as making sure these partners get the services and funds they expect from us. Next to that I am the Board Representative of the Sports, IRSP, and Conference committees. I also chair the Acquisition Group, a new idea we have just started with. For more information on this go to our “partners” tab! 

Alongside my extraordinary exciting board life in the attic, I also have some fun things I do on the side. Like most students, I enjoy the Hoek (maybe a bit too much) and I love getting a coffee at one of our partners, like Anne&Max. Next to that I also enjoy exercising, I love the spinning classes at the ACLO or when it’s sunny I like to row. In my free time I also love watching documentaries and reading. Need someone to go to an arthouse movie with you in Forum? Ask me :). Stop by the attic anytime to have chat with me about anything that anyone else might find boring, I would love to hear it! 

Lastly, I  am very excited for the upcoming year and hope to see you around!

My email address is


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