Board 2019-2020

Manon Heerts (2017) Chair
Oliver Coghlan (2017) Secretary
Lucia Mohr (2016) Treasurer
Koen van den Assem (2017) Commissioner PR & Publications
Sven Kist (2017) Commissioner Corporate Relations
Board 2019-2020

Hi! My name is Manon Heerts and I am this year’s Chair of the Board of Study Association Clio. As the Chair, I write the general policy and for a big part I am responsible for the internal and external representation to Clio, for example by being in contact with the University and other study associations. During my first year of studying IR, I did not become an active member because I thought I would not have the time to do so. I quickly realised, however, that I did have quite some free time on my hands and I thus became active towards the end of my first year, by joining the Conference Committee as a Speakers Coordinator. With this committee, we organised a one day conference in April with high-profile speakers from different professional and academic backgrounds. After this experience I realised I wanted to continue working for the association on a new level and I applied for the Board. As the Chair, it is often hard to describe my job or pinpoint one specific thing that is the main part of my task. It is a very diverse role with some straightforward things like having meetings and answering emails, but for the most part, being a chair can vary depending on what you want to put emphasis on. For me, that’s the most fun of having this role in the Board!

When I am not busy studying or working for Clio, I love to read a good book (my favourite is probably Emma by Jane Austen) or visit the theatre. I love going for a run in the Stadspark and I have seen all six seasons of Downton Abbey at least three times.

Hopefully we will meet each other soon at an activity and you are always welcome to drop by at the attic if you have any questions or just want to chat (or play air hockey). Feel free to approach me personally or via e-mail if you have any ideas, questions or anything else you want to talk about ( 


Hello peoples, my name’s Oliver and I’m the secretary for Clio for 2019-20. I’m a 3rd year IRIO student and responsible for all the administration of the association and mine is the face at the other end of your emails and calls. Should you ever have questions, problems, concerns or complaints, I’m the one who will help you. With this I’m also part of the Academic, Introduction, Support, Language Café and ClioWelcome committees.

Truth be told I sort of sleepwalked into Clio as a 1st year IR student. With an interest in photography and not knowing anything about the Dutch associations culture, applying for the Photo committee was a step in the dark. From this point onwards Clio has let me meet so many wonderful people from all over the world, now as a board member I look forward to getting to know so many more of you.

Originally from England I’m always open to marriage offers for that sweet, sweet green card after October 31st.


Hello there! I am Lucia and I will be a 4thyear student of IR this year. While many people in our studies take a distance from numerical tasks, I do enjoy them very much. As the Treasurer I will be in charge of Clio’s finances this year. This means that I keep an overview of the budget while working closely with the treasurers of all of the committees. Another part is controlling the money in- and outflows of the association. This includes is the daily bookkeeping and making sure that the money is divided and allocated most efficiently between the committees. One of my main tasks is writing the annual financial report and two interim financial reports which will be presented to all Clio members at the three General Members Meetings throughout the year. 

Moreover, I will be Board Representative in the Travel Committee, which organises the amazing Clio Travel to a foreign country, as well as in the Event Committee, which organises the Clio parties and many more social activities spread out over the academic year. I will also be the Board Representative of the Awareness Committee which aims at making others aware of a certain subject at an event which the committee will organise. 

If I am not busy with Clio work, I enjoy traveling (who doesn’t?), going swimming, cooking and watching interesting movies or TV shows. I am always up for a chat or for a coffee, so feel free to stop by the attic to talk! 


Hi ya! I’m Koen, this year’s Commissioner PR & Publications. On a daily basis, I’m responsible for all promotional means, the website, social media of the association. Next to that, I supervise and support the PRs of all the committees. The thing that I really love about my position is the freedom that comes with it, being able to work independently on creating posters and being a true influencer king. It’s never routine, as you run into challenges every day and you continue learning and improving on your skills with programmes such as Photoshop. This continues with my committees for which I’m the Board Representative, being Photo and Multimedia, Yearbook, and Checks & Balances, the magazine of Clio. The three most creative and imaginative committees in Clio, for the most creative and imaginative function in the Board! It’s amazing to see how you can get inspired and learn new things from anyone, which is why getting to work with many different people is so rewarding.

My “Clio Career” if you will, is a pretty short one. In my first year I did nothing remotely related to Clio (which I regret), my second year I got into the Travel committee which was a blast. Then, I applied to do a Board year in my 3rdyear and here we are! 

When I’m not sending out Clio propaganda, I enjoy spending time and getting ever so slightly drunk with my housemates, playing basketball, going out to parties or concerts. Mostly I just love hanging out with my friends in whatever setting, so hit me up to hang out at any point! 


My name is Sven Kist, I am 21 years old and I am currently in my third year of IRIO and the Commissioner of Corporate Relations in the Clio board for the academic year 2019-2020. This means that I am responsible for maintaining Clio’s partnerships and establishing new partnerships. Additionally, I am the Board representative for the International Research by Students Program (IRSP), the Conference Committee and the Sports Committee. 

In my first and second year I was an active member in Clio as acquisitioner in the Lustrum Committee and chair of the Event Committee. What I liked about being in committees was organizing something with your fellow students for your fellow students. My hobbies and interests are best summed up as football, really old music, chatting, movies and chatting about movies. Besides Clio, I play football at the Knickerbockers here in Groningen.

Hopefully I will see you at a Clio activity soon and we can have a chat or play air hockey at the attic. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact or just drop by.

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