The Forum Committee invites interesting speakers to tell about their field of expertise. All these high-profile speakers have one thing in common: they are interested in International Relations. In the past, Clio has welcomed many interesting characters, such as academics, politicians, ambassadors and journalists. They are not only invited to give a lecture on their field of expertise, but students are also invited to start a discussion.

Who has Clio welcomed so far?

Ambassadors, such as the Slovenian ambassador Leon Marc, and the American embassy employee Denny Meredith;
Journalists, for example Peter D’Hamecourt, Olaf Koens, Max Westerman and the Dutch journalist in North Korea: Henk Weltevreden;
Job Cohen, Ad Melkert, Ben Bot and many other high-profile politicians.

Positions in the forum committee: Chair, Board Representative, Speakers Coordinator (2x), PR, Secretary and Treasurer.

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