The Forum Committee invites interesting speakers to tell about their field of expertise. All these high-profile speakers have one thing in common: they are interested in International Relations. In the past, Clio has welcomed many interesting characters, such as academics, politicians, ambassadors and journalists. They are not only invited to give a lecture on their field of expertise, but students are also invited to start a discussion.

The Forum Committee is also in charge of creating their own podcast for all Clio members to enjoy. During this podcast, you will invite lecturers and professors from the International Relations department and talk to them in an informal setting about IR-related topics, academic careers as well as personal lives and interests. Sounds like fun? Make sure to join Forum for an amazing year!

Who has Clio welcomed so far?

Ambassadors, such as the Slovenian ambassador Leon Marc, and the American embassy employee Denny Meredith;
Journalists, for example Peter D’Hamecourt, Olaf Koens, Max Westerman and the Dutch journalist in North Korea Henk Weltevreden;
Job Cohen, Ad Melkert, Ben Bot and many other high-profile politicians.

Forum Committee positions: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Speakers Coordinator (2x), Podcast Coordinator, PR and Board Representative.

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