Anybody studying IRIO has been asked the question what we can do after studying International Relations and we all know that there is no one simple answer to that. Out of all the possibilities, the Career committee tries to give a broad overview options we have after studying IRIO. We are not able to give all the possibilities on a plate, but we do try to organize events where you are able to form a notion of what you like or what you do not like. The best way to form this is by visiting companies, talking to graduates and maybe do some work experience.

The actual activities of this year are not known yet but we hope to bring you more in contact with people who are already in the working field. You can for example think of network drinks and inhousedays. Our study is internationally orientated: not only do we have a lot of international students but also a lot of students see themselves working in a foreign country in the future. To also have an idea of companies in other countries and of international organizations, the career committee organizes an annual trip to a foreign city. As mentioned before, during this trip foreign companies and international organizations will be visit in a city which provides both. Internships will be a new task of the career committee of this year. One person will be busy finding companies and organizations where we as IRIO students can do work experience. After this year we hope to have broadened and deepened your view of a career after IRIO.

Career Committee 2015-2016

Nina de Winter (2013) Chairman
Annemijn de Boer (2014) Secretary & PR
Marie Cecil Dittmers (2014) Secretary & Treasurer
Yannik Petry (2015) Corporate Relations
Claire Selbeck (2014) Corporate Relations
Eline Koopman (2015) Location & Logistics
Laurenz Pigge (2015) Commissioner Internship Database
Claire Defossez (2012) Board Representative

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