International Research by Students Programme (IRSP)


The International Research by Students Programme (IRSP), allows third year bachelor and master students IRIO to conduct research for a multinational corporation, an NGO or a (foreign) government. The aim of IRSP is to let senior students apply their knowledge in the working sphere. This programme is facilitated by the IRSP of the study association of IRIO. The IRSP attaches sponsors of research projects to the programme, selects participants and keeps all parties involved informed during the process of the project. At the beginning of the first semester, the sponsors of the year will be announced. Then the students who would like to participate, can apply. In December the researches will start and the rest of the second semester students will write their papers. At the end of the academic year, a book of results will be published with all the results of the researches.

Positions in IRSP:  Chair, Board Representative, Treasurer, Secretary, PR, Commissioner of Corporate Relations (3x)

Commissioner of Corporate Relations: Person in charge of being in contact with external parties, such as companies and NGO's. 

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