Language Café

The Language Café, organized in cooperation with the associations of ESN, Esperia and Flanor, provides students with an opportunity to improve speaking a language of their choice whilst enjoying an evening out. The cooperation with ESN (the Erasmus Student Network), Esperia (the study association for European Languages and Cultures) and Flanor (the literary student association) allows this event to reach new peaks in terms of diverse participants from all over the world. The cooperation allows you to practice new languages and to get to know students outside of IRIO.

Throughout the evening, you will be able to interact with different languages and cultures and improve your speaking skills through fun games and interesting conversations. The Language Café is all about combining the perks of practising another language with a fun evening around many different cultures. The Language Café not only helps those who intend on advancing their language skills, but also expands your horizons: It sharpens your understanding of different cultures and the language of your choosing.

The Academic Committee is working hard to make every Language Café a unique experience by providing a different theme at every event. Next to this, the Drie Gezusters offers its beautiful venue and provides us with a variety of drinks.

For more information keep track of the website and the Facebook Page of Language Café Groningen, or the Instagram Page!

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