Every year in spring, the Travel Committee organises an inspirational trip for approximately fifty fellow Clio members to an extraordinary destination. In previous years we have visited Armenia, Russia, Kyiv & Minsk, Istanbul, Israel & Palestina and many more interesting countries. The committee can assure you that the Clio trip will take you to places and sights you normally would miss out on. 

Naturally, this year’s Travel Committee will try and work its magic to find you the ultimate destination; the sky is the limit! However, a trip is not organised all by itself and therefore the committee is looking for new members every September! Do you laugh at the concept of being homesick and are you willing to put your organisational skills to work then you might be the person the committee is looking for!

Travel Committee positions: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Day Program Coordinator (2x),  Location & Logistics, PR and Board Representative.

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