The Academic Committee organises events where you can broaden and deepen your knowledge and skills with constant reference to your courses. These include workshops with study-related themes and contemporary news items which are designed to improve your writing skills to give an example. The Watch and Learns are evenings where study-related documentaries and feature films can be enjoyed with a nice beer on the side.

Our committee is also always happy to give you a helping hand in case you struggle with the material and subject matter of IR courses, which is why we provide you with summaries and sometimes even study groups, where you can ask questions to fellow students and a teacher when preparing for the exam.

The committee organises Language Cafés which primarily function as an additional environment outside the classroom for you to improve your language skills while diving into some cultural experiences related to your chosen language minor; join us and experience a different way of learning! 

All in all, we have plenty of activities and events for you to enjoy yourself whilst targeting your personal development; so stay in touch and get the most out of the Academic Committee!

Academic Committee positions: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Portal Manager, Summary Coordinator, Event Manager, PR and Board Representative

Portal Manager: This person is in charge of updating and completing the Minor Portal. The Minor Portal provides an extensive list of universities abroad that are affiliated with the IRIO programme. The Portal Manager is responsible for collecting detailed information on various aspects of these universities. Furthermore, he or she will hold interviews with students so that upcoming students have the chance to know more about studying abroad from a first-hand source.

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