Board 2017-2018

Maico Papeleu (2016) Chairman
Shervin Balali (2015) Secretary
Laura Moreno Vela (2015) Treasurer
Eveline van Dijk (2014) Commissioner PR & Publications
Shane van Galen (2014) Commissioner Corporate Relations


Hi! My name is Maico Papeleu, and for the year 2017-2018 I am privileged to be in the Board as  Chairman of our association. Counting 21 years of age and finishing up the second year of my IRIO Bachelor, taking somewhat of a study break and going into a board year right amidst all those different individuals that are studying IRIO is very exciting. Being Chairman, one is responsible for writing the general policy as well as for a big part of the internal and external representation, so like IRIO a little bit of everything - quite convenient for a generalist like myself.

I always found it funny that when I was still studying law, at family birthdays people would occasionally ask me for answers to some of their trivial legal curiosities, but now that I’m studying IR, nobody just really assumes you know any more about the world than they do. I’ve also caught friends from other disciplines wondering why we are so interested in going to an international organization during one of our excursions, if we could’ve also just strolled around the city center looking for some pubs. But that’s what I like about Clio, it connects us likeminded individuals that take joy in spending our 3:30AM outside of a Clio party passionately debating whether something is socially constructed or not. IRIO is where it all comes together, literally, and that’s why it’s so damn interesting to be in it – together.



My name is Shervin and I am 20 years old. My biggest passions are travelling, listening to music and eating good food. This year, I have the honour once again to be part of Study Association Clio. As Secretary, my main tasks are to send out the weekly newsletter and to be open to everyone’s questions and concerns. To me, it does not matter if you are a Clio member or not - you are alwayswelcome to approach us and share your ideas and thoughts.I am very much looking forward to meeting you at the different activities, be it a party or an excursion. In any case, feel free to approach me personally or via e-mail. Email:


Hello! I am Laura Moreno Vela, a second-year student of IRIO and this year I will be the Treasurer of Clio. During my free time, I like to travel (when possible), chill with friend and, also, dance. In relation to my studies, I find feminism and current issues such as the refugee crisis particularly interesting. As a treasurer, I will deal with all the finances of the association. During the week, this includes bookkeeping, administrate the budgets and oversee the revenue and spending of the association. On top of that, I am the Board Representative in the Event Committee and Travel Committee which meet up every week in order to organise great activities such as the annual travel and parties. Also, I supervise and assist in anything necessary all the treasurers of Clio’s committees. Finally, I participate in the organisation of the Galant Gala in collaboration with other study associations.

Commissioner PR and Publications

Hi! I am Eveline van Dijk, I am 21 years old. I am finishing my third year at the moment of writing. Now I am starting my board year in Clio, for me this is a great chance to develop myself in different ways than just the academic level. I am the PR of Clio, which means that I am the one behind all the social media accounts of Clio and the one updating the website, I also do the promotion of all Clio activities, ofcourse with help from the PR's within the committees. 

I really like the IRIO programme because of the diversitiy of the program itself and also because of its members, sometimes it feels like we are all friends with one common interest: The international world. And I am happy that Clio is offering a platform to meet your fellow students in different ways. Within Clio  I really want to be approachable for everyone, so feel free to contact me, at one of the social media accounts or via my email:, or just drop by at the office if you have any questions or just want to share some ideas. 

Commissioner Corporate Relations

My name is Shane van Galen and I am the Commissioner Corporate Relations of the 30th Clio Board. My tasks are to uphold Clio’s external professional network and acquire funds. After studying IR/IO for three years and organizing the Clio travel to Serbia, Kosovo and Srebrenica, I realized I wanted to get even more involved within Clio. I am looking forward to investing a lot of time and energy into helping organize all Clio events the coming year.

In my free time I like to listen to hip-hop, watch cooking and housing shows, and drink wine. If you don’t know what to talk about with me, pick any of the above and avoid the weather, and we should be fine.

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