GMM Documents

Evaluation General Members Meeting: 

13th of February, Grand Gafé Time Out 18:30

The Board encourages its members to send in their questions about the documents to before the 10th of February, midnight. These questions will be discussed on the GMM on 13th of February. Herewith, the Board would like to increase the efficiency of the General Members Meeting. The questions will be answered during the GMM, in order to make the GMM run as smooths as possible.

Questions about language, grammar and spelling can only be sent in before the GMM. If these kind of questions are raised during the GMM, they will not be discussed.

The new documents will be uploaded a week before the GMM takes place.

Official Documents

File name File size
Regulations_of_the_Association_-_30-05-2018.pdf 630.8 kB
Statutes 113.1 kB

Privacy Policy

File name File size
Privacy Policy Study Association Clio 66.3 kB

Policy GMM

File name File size
Financial Report 2.0 MB
General Survey Appendix 2.9 MB
Policy 2018/2019 1.0 MB

Evaluation GMM

File name File size
Evaluation Policy 1.3 MB
Financial Report Evaluation 1.9 MB
Freshmen Survey Verdict 746.0 kB

Minutes Board Meetings

The minutes of the Board meetings are available to all members. If you wish to look into the minutes you can send an email to to request them.

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