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The Conference Committee is composed of eight enthusiastic students who are excited to organise our annual conference for you. This is one of Clio's biggest events for approximately 200 visitors with a multidisciplinary character, a day full of interesting speeches and workshops on a specific International Relations topic that has been underrepresented in the regular IRIO programme.

The conference is made up of several sections. Firstly, there is a plenary session with various and sometimes well-known speakers who are experts regarding the topic. However, speakers will be selected from different fields of interests as to elucidate the topic from multiple angles, as a true IRIO student would expect. Furthermore, workshops will be held to interactively engage more in the topic, including a master class. Finally, there is of course time for lunch, drinks and snacks which gives you the opportunity to network and reflect upon the conference day. It is the perfect opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of the rather theoretical substance of their studies by going into depth in a specific IR related topic and putting their acquired knowledge into practice.

It offers a perfect addition to the study programme by choosing topics that are very relevant but are not quite represented. Themes of the previous years vary from the role of energy and the role of water in IR to a more regional focus on the BRICS and Africa.

So far, the topics of the Conference have been as follows:

  • 2022: Breaking Boundaries: Crimes Transcending Borders
  • 2021: From Slavery to Outer Space: Colonialism in the 21st Century
  • 2020: Generation Z: Entering the Global Stage
  • 2019: Hidden Strings: Behind the Scenes of World Politics
  • 2018: International Relations of the Digital Age
  • 2017: The Future of Europe
  • 2016: Facing Terrorism: Society, Strategy, Security
  • 2015: Diplomacy Unravelled: Power and Prudence in a New Era
  • 2014: The Great Powers of Africa: Partners of Plunderers?
  • 2013: The west and the BRICs: changes, challenges, opportunities
  • 2012: Changing borders, shifting responsibilities?
  • 2011: Power: fuel for conflict?
  • 2010: Europeanization: where lays the boundary?
  • 2009: Leadership: from Shell to state to Sarkozy. Who dominates the world of tomorrow?
  • 2008: Water: a source of conflict?

Conference Committee positions: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Speakers Coordinator (2x), PR, Commissioner of Acquisition and Board Representative.

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