Conference Committee 2018-2019

Daniela Brandt (2017) Chairwoman
Hannah F Fautsch (2017) Secretary
Diana Scorpan (2017) Treasurer
Fay P Parpan (2017) PR
Wietse van Kaam (2016) Acquisition
Manon Heerts (2017) Speakers Coordinator
Jakob Ludwig Albrecht (2017) Speakers Coordinator
Or Goldenberg (2016) Board Representative

Clio Conference 2019: Hidden Strings - Behind the Scenes of World Politics

Last years conference took place on the 30th of April 2019. The topic was about how today’s world of global politics is formed by a web of complex structures and relationships.  Economic, legal, strategic and cultural interests are heavily intertwined with politics on a global level.  Policy making has moved beyond the realm of politicians and media and is now influenced by a wide variety of actors. As the complexity of our world increases, it becomes more difficult to retain an overview over the forces behind the processes of political decision making. Conflicts concerning diplomacy, environmental concerns, lobbyism, security, rivalry and resources make up an immense part of today’s international relations. However, those influences are located mostly behind the scenes, being hardly visible.
During this year’s Clio Conference we will shed light on these influences, which appear like strings forming a complex, inscrutable web.
The Clio Conference 2019 offered you the unique opportunity to look behind this curtain, acquire insider information on the puzzle of global politics and take home memorable insights into a normally hidden world. Speakers from different fields and national backgrounds sparked compelling thoughts throughout the day.

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