Board 2021-2022

Dennis Kirsch (2019) Chair
Bart van Amersfoort (2019) Secretary
Mayke Kamphuis (2019) Treasurer
Maja Lešković (2019) Commissioner PR & Publications
Nieke Marit Slijm (2018) Commissioner Corporate Relations


​Hi friends! My name is Dennis, and I am this year’s Chair of the Board of Study Association Clio. My responsibilities lie in the internal and external representation of Clio, which I do by being in contact with other associations and the University. Moreover, I am also in charge of writing the general policy of the association. As the Chair, my days look different every week, as my tasks are not always very straightforward. However, being in this diverse position, I get to meet many different people and experience Clio from various angles. Concluding, I am more than motivated to chair the Board, talk to y’all at Clio parties and discover the world of IR even more. And that as the first international on the job! This year, I will also be part of the Career, (again) Forum and Master Committee.                        

But life is not only Clio, so after 17.00 o’clock I enjoy having beers with my friends, reading a good book under the last rays of sun in het Noorderplantsoen. On top of that I love experimenting in the kitchen, binge-watch Netflix series and mixing delicious cocktails. Also, in contrast to our lovely Treasurer Mayke, I am always in for a game night. So, if you ever need a player, you know who to contact. I look forward to seeing all of you this year at a Clio activity! If you ever want to talk you can always approach me or email/text me ( Or just feel free to swing by the Attic to have a chat or a coffee.

Hello hello everyone,

Very nice to meet you all. My name is Bart van Amersfoort, and I am this year's secretary of this wonderful association. I am really excited to start this year, and to meet all the wonderful Clio people. As a Secretary, I am in charge of the Clio email account, so most contact via you and Clio will go via me.  As the Secretary, I am also the one making the weekly newsletter, I hope you enjoy it! I put my heart and soul into that one, so make sure to read them every week ;). If you have any questions, doubts or concerns to anything Clio related, just shoot me an email, I am always more than happy to help!

Otherwise, you can always just come up to me for a nice chat, or to give some high quality unwanted advice! I am usually busy drinking coffee, playing board games (unlike Mayke) or about to have a cool craft beer on a terrace. Let me know if you are up for a coffee break at Black & Bloom, or you can just come swing by the attic for some cheap but satisfying harmo coffee. I am really looking forward to meeting all of you in the coming year!


Hi guys! My name is Mayke and I am, as the Treasurer of the Board, the one responsible for Clio’s finances the upcoming academic year. Contrary to most IR students, I like working with numbers and I am really looking forward to do so during the next year! Explaining the work I do on a daily basis as Treasurer is sometimes quite hard and I will not bore you with too much information, but as the Treasurer my tasks include drafting the budgets for all the different Clio Committees, keeping close contact with the treasurer functionaries of the committees and managing the day-to-day bookkeeping of the association.

In my life outside of Clio (it exists, I swear) I think it is fair to say I am the typical blond Dutch girl who loves drinking wine, eating good food and travelling. I am always up for a chat, some karaoke or something fun to do, as long as you don’t ask me to play a (board) game cause playing games is in my opinion the worst thing ever. Besides that I would say I am quite a fun person and I am really excited for the upcoming year and seeing all of you around!

Hello hello everybody!

My name is Maja, and I am this year's Commissioner of PR and Publications. By far the most fun position in the Board, I am in charge of all things promotion – think social media and creation of all promo materials such as Instagram and Facebook posts, banners, flyers, posters, all of it really. Oh, and I am also in charge of the amazing new website we have! Apart from that, I am the go-to person for all the creative struggles of my functionaries i.e. I teach them how to photoshop and help them out when needed. And on top of it all, I have the honour of being the board representative of our three more creative committees – Photo & Multimedia (think all the photos of all the events), Yearbook (everything that happened in the year packed in a stunning piece of art) and Check & Balances (our beloved magazine). In this role, I am in charge of the contact between the committee and the Board.

Outside Clio, I enjoy what every other student does – hanging out with my friends whenever and wherever I can. Besides that, like a true grandma I am, I enjoy a good book and taking midday naps. Finally, there is nothing that makes me happier in this world than music. So, if you need a good song recommendation or just want to chat, shoot me a DM at @studyassociationclio.


Hello hello, my name is Nieke and I am this Clio’s Commissioner of Corporate Relations of the 34th board. As the fifth board member, I am making this crazy bunch of people complete. Throughout the year I keep in touch with long- term partners, contacting new partners and acquire sponsor money for Clio . If you are wondering who is encouraging you to use the Clio sticker it will probably be me! Next to my tasks in the board, I am the Board Representative of the Conference, IRSP and Sports Committee. 

Besides to the Clio life (yes, I do have one) I like to be active by going horse riding or throwing people during judo practice. If you ever need a body guard, give me a call! For the rest of time I meet up with friend and enjoy a special beer on one of the many terraces on Grote Markt. However I also enjoy reading a book in Noorderplantsoen with a cup of coffee from Zondag.  If you ever see me running it will probably be because I am being chased by wasps or bees, which I am terrified of. I am very excited for the upcoming year and hope to see all of you after 1.5 years of online activities!

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