Study Association Clio

Clio is the Study Association of International Relations & International Organization at the University of Groningen. Clio has over 1000 members and is one of the largest study associations in Groningen, and the largest study organization at a Dutch faculty of arts.


On the 15th of June 1988, Clio, the Club of Policy and Governance in the International Organizations was founded. In Dutch, the association was named "Club Van De Studie Internationale Betrekkingen En Internationale Organisatie" which is where the name Clio originates from. At that time, the study was only available for students of History already having passed their preliminary examination. Clio is the muse of historiography and that is why this name was chosen for the association. After the study commenced in 1988, some students decided to found a study association for all students of Policy and Governance (nowadays IRIO), then and now. The association has developed throughout the decennia, adapting to changes at the university and the study. In 2003 the character of the study changed dramatically, as students did not have to pass their preliminary History examinations anymore.

The study’s name changed too, from Policy and Governance to International Organizations and International Relations (in 2007 the name of the study changed again to International Relations and International Organization ‘IRIO’). From this day on the study IO & IR was a full bachelor’s program.

Between 400 and 500 students a year subscribed to IRIO. Because of the great interest in the study and the pressure on the department to cope with this, they set a numerus fixus in 2005. This numerus fixus was set at 220 students (in 2010 this numerus fixus is raised to 240 students).

Because of the already mentioned interest in the study, Study Association Clio is one of the biggest associations in Groningen, with an membership of around 1000 students.

Association's Objective

The objective of students’ association Clio is compound. One of the goals is to combine academic development and social activities to stimulate the integration among students and between students and professors. Besides that Clio seeks to represent the students IRIO and sees the promotion of their interests as important. Thirdly, Clio has the objective of promoting the study association and the study International Relations and International Organization.

To fulfill these objectives, Clio organises well known activities, such as lectures, parties the annual Conference. Next to that, Clio supports their students in their study by facilitating the purchase of books, organising workshops, an internship database and summaries. Additionally, Clio stimulates students to develop themselves besides their studies. Our IRSP Committee, for example, provides senior year students with the opportunity to implement their theoretical knowledge in a research programme.

Organisational Chart

The General Members Meeting is the highest organ of Study Association Clio and all members are welcome and encouraged to join. There are at least three GMM's each year: the Policy Meeting in October, the Evaluation Meeting in February and the Handover Meeting in May. 
During the Policy GMM, the Board presents its plans and policy for the upcoming year. All Clio-members can ask questions or place remarks about this.
During the Evaluation GMM, the policy of the Board will be evaluated. What was good and what can be done better?
​During the Handover GMM, the whole year will be evaluated and the previously chosen Candidate Board will present their policy pillars for the upcoming year. The meeting ends with the discharge of the old board and the installment of the Candidate Board.

Since the academic year of 2012-2013, all General Members Meeting are held in English. 

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