The Awareness Committee was set up for passionate students who want to raise awareness for a certain topic/charity/situation or even raise funds if they feel that it is necessary. The committee used to strive to give IRIO students a chance to spread awareness about a cause they feel strong about. It organised an open event related to their topic such as, for example: Zero Waste with a Zero Waste Picknick in the Noorderplantsoen, an Awareness Rally against Inequality and a Sexual Health Workshop.

The Awareness Committee used to be formed every semester and together they chose a cause they wanted to focus on. It existed of 5 people, including Secretary, PR, Treasurer, Chair and a board representative. The Awareness Committee also has a platform on Facebook to increase their visibility.

In 2020, it was decided to merge the Awareness Committee and the Support Committee in one and add more positions to make its members' efforts more effective and reach a broader audience.

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