Can you not get enough from the language exchanges and do you want to continuously keep improving your language skills throughout the year? In that case, Superprof, a tutoring platform where you can easily get in touch with hundreds of different language teachers, would be a good fit for you. On Superprof you can quickly set up a Student-profile that you in turn can use to send lessen-requests to teachers.

The teachers set their own tariffs and Superprof charges no fees: the money you pay goes directly into the account of your teacher! The only thing you need in order to send out a lesson requests is a so-called Student Pass, which normally costs 49 euros for one month of unlimited use. However, if you are a Clio-member, you get a big discount: you only pay 29 euros!

In order to get the discount, you just need to send an e-mail to, explaining and showing you are a member of Clio by showing your Clio sticker. Once Superprof has established that you will be sent a discount link and you’re good to go. You can start tomorrow with your own private tutor, taking, for example, Dutch lessons or a French course. Good luck!


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