The Yearbook Committee is responsible for the creation of a magnificent piece of art to share with all the IR students. This committee combines all the wonderful experiences of the academic year of its crazy and unforgettable events in a professional and creative way. 

The yearbook features fascinating content, an astonishing design and includes unforgettable memories. For the creation of the yearbook, the committee is made out of creative heads who know how to appeal to the audience. We have layout-ers who learn how to work with design and photo editing programs. We have an acquisitioner who negotiates the best deals with advertisers and publishers. And we have writers who deliver inspiring and striking articles and interviews. On top of all this, the committee consists out of fun, easy-going and open-minded people!

The committee works from September until around May to finish the yearbook which will be presented during the Yearbook Announcement Party. The committee starts with a brainstorming session of the yearbook’s theme. From there on, interesting people will be interviewed, catchy articles will be written, advertisers will be approached and photos of all Clio’s events will be collected and included in the final product. Finally, the yearbook will be put into a stunning design and printed and distributed to all Clio members.

Yearbook Committee positions: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer/Acquisition, Lay-out (3x), Lay-out Editor and Board Representative.

Lay-out Editor: This position entails "creating" the Yearbook in InDesign as the committee makes progress, to make the printing process as smooth as possible. This is an extra task on top of making pages like everybody else!

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