The Yearbook Committee is publishing Clio’s annual yearbook at the end of the academic year. The yearbook entails all the major moments that happened in the context of the Association – the committees, events, parties and trips, accompanied by anything the committees deems worth keeping a note of! 

The yearbook will not only appreciate professional achievements made within Clio, but also include the crazy, funny and unforgettable moments that are happening when IR students come together. The members of the committee also make sure to cherish certain moments during the year on social media and integrate ideas and opinions from fellow Clio members. Ultimately, the Yearbook and its theme will be revealed at the Yearbook Announcement Party, the last party of the year.

Since the yearbook features observations on the activities and transforms them into a beautiful printed piece, the committee is made out of creative heads who know how to appeal to the audience. Those are not only people who are creative in the traditional way but also those who like to turn to their friends asking “Do you remember that one moment a month ago when you …?“ and who are able to deliver all kinds of ideas with a humorous twist! 

The Yearbook Committee consists of 8 members who all participate in the creative process. The lay-outers can fully focus on the creation of yearbook pages, the lay-out editors make sure that the yearbook is coordinated as a whole and the treasurer/PR does not only look at the finances but designs posts for social media.

Yearbook Committee positions: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer/PR, Lay-out (2x), Lay-out Editor (2x) and Board Representative.

Lay-out Editor: This position entails "creating" the Yearbook in InDesign as the committee makes progress, to make the printing process as smooth as possible. This is an extra task on top of making pages like everybody else!

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