Develop yourself as a committee member of Clio! 

At the start of every academic year, Clio will look for new committee members to expand the Clio Crew. Becoming active in Clio is the perfect opportunity to develop yourself next to your studies in various ways. First of all, you will get to bond with your committee over dinner, drinks and even the work you will do. Secondly, being active in a committee will allow you to develop your professional network and will teach you various skills that are incredibly useful for during and after your studies. 

If you want to organise parties, lectures and excursions, create a beautiful yearbook or write articles for a renowned magazine or even organise our annual travel abroad, please take a look at the pages to the side and find out more about our committees!


In every committee there are different positions, the most common positions will be discussed here. At every committee page there will be a description of which positions there are in that committee.

Acquisition: This is the person who is responsible for fundraising, which is very important to be able to organize all activities
Board representative: The person from the board who helps the committee from a board perspective
Chair(wo)man: The head of the committee, he or she will chair the meetings and keep an overview of the committee.
Event manager: The name says it all, you’ll be managing the events.
Location and logistics: Places have to be arranged, and how do you go there? You will be the one to solve these issues, so everything goes as smooth as possible.
Lay-out: Make the most amazing designs for the committee, for flyers or a whole yearbook.
PR: Similair to lay-out, you will be the one in charge of the promotion of your committees activities/services.
Secretary: You are the one who takes the minutes during the meetings, keeps an eye on the schedule, make sure the administration is perfect and you are in charge of your committees email.
Treasurer: Are you good with money? You’ll be busy with the budget of your committee and you are the one who makes sure that the committee can do most with their budget.

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